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Pointed North

Corning, California: As usual, the Oregon Duck football team has set our travel schedule. We are heading back to Eugene for the first-ever Pac-12 Championship Game v UCLA Friday evening in Autzen Stadium. Our housesitter says our game tickets & RV parking pass have been delivered to Taylor Manor. All systems are go.

Our tailgate gang was captured on the Fan Cam at Autzen Stadium yesterday! (Is Katie choking her Mom during the Civil War game?)

Our departure this morning was delayed due to weather. The awful San Joaquin Valley fog was in full-force today. We couldn't see across the one-row RV park this morning. We waited. We drank coffee. We ran - normally quite dangerous in fog, but since the air base is basically a ghost-town on the weekends, we ventured out to get-rid of a fewof the Thanksgiving calories.

Check-out time is 11a. About noon, DT began unhooking the Magna Peregrinus from her life-support systems and I ventured out in the Honda to replenish the larder for 3 nights on the road.

And by larder, I mean veggies, fruit and beer. I pushed my cart down the aisle at the SaveMart in Atwater, California and picked-up at 12-pack of Bud Light. As soon as I placed the box in my cart and young girl squealed, gave me a $1-off coupon and said, "Oh, may I take your photo for our promotion"? Uh... sure. 

The young woman was attired in a Bud Light "uniform" and was photographing and giving coupons to shoppers choosing Bud Light.

She saved me a dollar!

Where has this woman been all my life? Virtually millions in savings - lost! I figured if she could take my photo for promotional purposes, I could take her photo for promotional purposes. I'm pretty-sure I did not pose quite in the same exact way when she took my photo. I am also pretty-sure if I keep running and get in super-awesome-geriatric shape I could have a career as a Geritol Girl. I could hang-out in pharmacies and give $1-off coupons for Geritol? Wanna bet my "uniform" would be a velour sweat suit? Obviously, I have nothing to say tonight. We self-checked into the same RV park we stayed in on our way down a few days ago -Rolling Hills Casino RV Park. $25, full-service sites with 30/50 amp. I heated up the frozen remainder of the fabulous Chile Colorado I made a few weeks ago and served it over rice. DT is watching football. Tomorrow we are planning an adventure of the RV-variety, so be sure to check back. Until my next update, I remain, your "dollar-richer" correspondent.