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Albuquerque Errands

Albuquerque, New Mexico: Our day was consumed with errands and restocking. Dave had arranged for our disgustingly dirty bus (and tow car) to be washed - so that consumed much of our morning. While the RV was being washed, My Driver went for a ride on his bike. All is well, until he hits the slightest bump. Ouch! I changed his dressing again today. Still looks like hell. Still looks like he was bitten by a shark, but the wound looks good, and there is no sign of infection. He is going to have a nasty scar.

As soon as we were free to leave our newly-washed motorhome (past noon), we pointed our newly-shiny Jeep to Old Town Albuquerque, and the pretty plaza that dates back to the 1700s. Taking a right from this resort allows us to drive Historic Route 66 directly into Old Town Albuquerque.

We have been to this plaza many times previously (our college friend, Dr. Lisa, is from Albuquerque). Today we chose to visit one of the oldest restaurants in Old Town, Church Street Cafe. They are famous for their chile. Chile in New Mexico is everything. A sauce of red or green chile peppers, spicy, and just a thick sauce. No comparison to “chili” soup made famous in Texas. In New Mexico, you order everything with red or green sauce (just a sauce - but a sauce that will change your life) poured over your enchiladas, etc. If you can’t decide, you can order your meal “Christmas” - meaning green AND red sauce ladled-over your meal.

Two chicken enchiladas, Christmas

This was my breakfast/lunch. Usually comes with rice and beans, but I declined. Could not even begin to finish the two enchiladas, but the red sauce won.

Three tacos

DT also could not finish his three tacos (one chicken, two beef). Nor did he touch his rice/beans. (We are worthless.)

Back patio at Church Street Cafe - circa 1700

Food was good. Service was good. Place needs a little cleaning and tidying. A lot of flies. Probably a tourist trap these days?

Old Town Plaza in Albuquerque

The rest of our day was not exciting in any way… except after leaving the restaurant, we finally found a perfect souvenir for Our Lucile… and then Bubba found ANOTHER souvenir for Leo: a bar of soap with the scent MONKEY FART (at Lillie’s Soap). A must purchase. The soap is banana scented! How fun for our 11-year-old grandson - especially after all the monkeys he saw in Costa Rica last month.

Then it was all errands. Auto refueling, larder restocking, driving eight miles to a wine shop, post office, new sewer hose at Camping World, installing new sewer hose, looking for a bag of ice. Yuck. All the big things after camping in small towns for days.

My planned dinner of pasta with grilled chicken and a Caesar Salad became a Caesar Salad with grilled chicken. Too much lunch. Served at 8p while watching ex-Duck QB Justin Herbert (San Diego Chargers) v Kansas City Chiefs. San Diego lost and maybe Justin is injured?


We plan to spend tomorrow in Santa Fe. Until my next update, I remain, your red chile correspondent.

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  1. So enjoying all your travels and pictures!!
    Thank you for taking your time to share the details.
    Sorry for Mr Dave’s injury….hopefully in time, just a
    blip on this vacation picture.

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