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Albuquerque, New Mexico: Stormy weather all night. Usually the sound of rain on our motorhome roof is so soothing, but last night the drops must have held one cup of water each. Bang. Bang. Bang. We awoke to mud splatters two feet up the sides of our RV and Jeep. A mess. I’m tired of camping in dirt, sand and gravel! It was time to get out of Dodge… or Durango.

Readers may be curious as to why we did not visit Mesa Verde National Park? We have been there twice previously, and with 12 stitches on Dave’s forearm (may hurt like heck when climbing ladders in the park), and my torn meniscus, well, those are enough excuses. With rain predicted the next several days, we pointed the Magna Peregrinus south to sunny Albuquerque.

The route was south on 550, and was a nice drive until we went through Cuba, and began to encounter rain, lightning, dark skies, and the RVer’s favorite: wind.

Fun times!

The weather was very bad, but it didn’t last an hour until we had driven through the mess. 20 miles north of I-25, we were once again in glorious sunshine.

By the time we reached our campsite west of Albuquerque, we were both exhausted and starving. After setting up, a nice appetizer plate was devoured as we were not ever able to stop for a lunch break all day.

Late lunch?

Cashews, Bresaola (air-dried beef, aka Jewish prosciutto), mustard cheddar from Longmont, olives and pickled things, dried apricots and cheese crackers.

Salad for dinner… again

Dinner was just a little Caprese Salad. Great meal. Going to sleep early tonight after our long drive. Another adventure scheduled for tomorrow.

Until my next update, I remain, your Albuquerque correspondent.