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Bend, Oregon: First, I wish to thank every one of you for your prayers and kind thoughts sent our way since My Mother passed away last week. You will never know how much your messages meant to our family. The past several weeks have been extremely difficult, but we are comforted with the knowledge Mom is no longer suffering. All of us being together has really helped to begin healing the wounds and going forward without her.

Here are a few photos of Mom in high school:

Mom was about 15 years old in this photo

Mom as a May Princess in high school

Mom at high school graduation

I will be posting additional photos of my Mother over the next few weeks.

Since the homestead is full, DT and I have again been relegated to a nearby hotel. We finally had a clear day and could see the mountains from our room.

The view from our room Friday afternoon

View from our room Friday afternoon

View from our room Saturday morning

View from the passenger seat of our Honda Saturday morning

Yep. It snowed about four inches on Saturday.

Until my next update, I remain, your sad correspondent.