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Room with a View

Dave and I have spent the past few days in Central Oregon visiting my family. Again, I thank you, Dear Readers, for your kind words about My Mom - your emails are a great comfort.

All the children were present last night - which really pleased Mom - but the house was full, so DT and I stayed at a hotel downtown. We checked-in around 11p, but the clerk told us we would have a view to all the snow-covered mountains from our room in the morning. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and we were really excited about our morning vista.

Oops. The mountains were completely hidden by clouds in the morning and our view was over the rooftops of an outdoor mall!

We could see the Les Schwab Amphitheater - a popular river-side gathering spot for concerts in the summer.

And we could see the beautiful Deschutes (da-SHOOTS) River, which runs through Bend, Oregon. There are miles and miles of bike and jogging paths along the shore. The wires in the photo are used to hold up three old chimney stacks from an old mill... and the shopping area below our room is called the "Old Mill District".

But, we could not see any of the mountains. Bachelor. The Three Sisters. Broken Top. Mt. Jefferson. Nothing.

Doesn't mean we didn't have a great view! We could see the Bend University of Oregon Duck Shop from our room. Not too shabby!

Before driving home this afternoon, we had a late breakfast/brunch with some of my family at a popular coffee shop in Bend - Jake's Diner. Jake's motto is "Home of the Largest Portions in Central Oregon". Isn't that supposed to be a bad thing now? Not at Jake's. Omelets come Large or Small... but if you are a dainty diner, you can order - by special request - a two egg omelet.

For the small appetite? This is Jake's Mexican Omelet - made with two eggs. I don't think so. I finished about half - and I am NOT a dainty diner.

This is a "small" omelet.

This is a biscuit. No one even touched the 6-inch monster. Too massive. If you eat at Jake's - unless you haven't eaten for a week - split your meal with someone, okay? Oh, I do not like wasting food!

Until my next update, I remain, your well-fed correspondent.

PS: Miss Lisa is feeling/looking better. She actually left her house this evening. Today Lisa says that she looks as if she had "really, really good collagen injections under my eyes".