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A lazy day in El Lay

Los Angeles, California: We woke to clouds, but by the time we had plowed through the newspaper and a pot of coffee, the sun was shining. Lisa and her Dad went for a run, while Reese and I went for a long walk. I just love spending time with Little Reese as he is the strangest dog. I seriously do not think Reese has yet to realize he is canine. Since Reese is now six years old... I suspect he shall forever remain, well, different. Or there is the slight possibility Reese is a normal dog. My dog experience is limited to a Beagle and a Beagle isn't really a dog. A Beagle is a nose with a dog attached. 

Reese has a job. He must protect Lisa from the mailman. Six days a week, in the afternoon, Reese is at attention in the front window of the house, waiting for the Evil Mailman. Every afternoon, the poor mailman must endure the growling and barking. But Reese does his job: every day the mailman goes away after dropping the mail through the door slot. Then Reese can go back to his other important duty: sniffing metal. Yep, he still sniffs metal - usually the stainless steel stove... or door hinges... fireplace screens... chair legs... drawer pulls. Good work, Reese!

Our Little Guy is very dog-like in that every tree in the neighborhood has been sniffed and watered. A two mile walk will really tire a small dog - Reese was snoring when we left him to run a few errands.

After finishing our shopping tasks, Lisa took us to Glendale for lunch at Zankou Chicken. (Long time readers will remember we have dined at their Hollywood Branch previously.) Zankou Chicken is a Lebanese (a bit fast-food-like) restaurant. Zankou Chicken has a cult following. Their rotisserie chicken is served with a side of hummus and a slab of pita bread, pickled beets, diced tomatoes and a creamy garlic sauce that will absolutely send you rushing for breath mints, chewing gum and your toothbrush. Killer!

Quarter chicken dinner - $6.99

The chicken is super moist and flavorful, but the crispy skin is the best part. Dave and Lisa had chicken gyros - loaded with the garlic sauce. A very yummy lunch - and less than $20 for three people.

We spent the afternoon together - helping Lisa with her Halloween costume (wait... didn't we do this circa 1981-1999???), enjoying her garden, watching golf on television, taking Reese for short walks and generally just relaxing together. DT had fun washing all the exercise clothes in Lisa's new (blue) LG steam washer. We were all very clean and sanitary before heading out to a wonderful family dinner at Cafe Stella.

Lisa brought me - and a group of her gal pals - to Cafe Stella when I visited a few weeks ago. Lisa and I decided her Dad would really enjoy the Steak Frites at Cafe Stella, so we went again tonight.

We three shared the Duck Confit Salad

Moules Frite (Mussels with French fries)

A Classic Steak Frites from Cafe Stella in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles

We had a great meal - and enjoyed a lovely evening together. When we returned to Lisa's, Reese wanted a late-night walk about the neighborhood... I let him drag me around... happy to indulge my favorite pup.

REESE: City Dog, pounding the pavement

Tomorrow morning we will head out to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena to watch the Ducks v Bruins. We are expecting great weather, and we are meeting one of DT's college roommates (and his daughter) at the game. 

It will be a great day.

Until my next update, I remain, your GO DUCKS correspondent.