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Dances with Dogs

Los Angeles, California: This afternoon, DT and I caught the convenient non-stop Horizon Air flight from Portland (Oregon) International to Bob Hope International (aka Burbank). We are spending a long weekend with our daughter... and will also be attending the Oregon v UCLA football game that is conveniently scheduled for this weekend in the Rose Bowl. You know it is going to be a great weekend when the plane you are flying on is painted in a University of Oregon theme:


After landing in Burbank - the University of Oregon Horizon jet

The Lovely Lisa fetched us from the airport. We enjoyed a quiet evening on her patio. The herb garden she planted one month ago has turned into an absolute JUNGLE of food.

Remember this photo from September 4th?

A month ago


Pesto, anyone?

Or maybe a Mojito???

Our little Grand Dawg, Reese

Angela came over and we all went for dinner at BarBrix. I have blogged about this Silver Lake jewel before... just a wonderful spot. Only "small plates" and each one is piece of delectable edible delicious art. Really a fun restaurant, and Lisa stops in often enough that they know her and the food just keeps coming.

After dinner, we all came back to Lisa's and she put on "music from the 70's" and we introduced (Greek born & raised) Angela to the Traveling Wilburys. Dancing occurred.

Party girls: Lisa, Angela and me

Poor Angela had to dance to the Traveling Wilburys

In the morning, Angela is checking herself into one of those
relaxing Los Angeles spas where your memory is erased

Anything to get herself away from the crazy lady who dances with dogs

Until my next update, I remain, your Los Angeles correspondent.