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A few shots

I have a new camera! And I spent a lot of time behind the lens this weekend. The Sony A-700 is a power-house, with every feature a girl could need to snap pretty pictures at home - or in the RV park.

If you know Sony like I know Sony, you will know they had already introduced the A900. I really did covet the A900, but it doesn't have an on-board flash and well, that is just annoying. Not to mention the A700 is nearly free compared to the ridiculously-priced A900.

By the time I have plowed through the instruction manuals and begin to understand my new camera, Sony will announce the A-1000 (or something). You can't win with electronics: you walk out of the shop with the latest and greatest... by the time you arrive home, it is a dinosaur. So here are a few shots taken with my new toy:

Our Grand Dawg, Reese, relaxing on the hearth

Family Game Night: Yahtzee

Well, this was just my first attempt

What's up with these crazy pine cones?

Our niece bought new NIKEs

We are hosting an athlete (800m) here for the
National Championships next week in Eugene. We all
went to the local high school track to watch his workout.

For Father's Day dinner we had Italian Short Ribs with mashed potatoes and a cherry crostata

In a few days, we will hop in the RV and head down to Eugene ourselves. Can't wait to be back in the bus - and can't wait to see how the A700 performs at the track meet with the telephoto lens. Until my next update, I remain, your "I'm reading my new camera manual" correspondent.