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9 August: Sunday

La Quinta, California: While there was a bit of golf-watching (the PGA Championship is pretty awesome on a 75" television), my task for the day was to organize "my side" of the closet. I thought this would take hours, but since I have such a small wardrobe, it didn't take long. I learned I am a hoarder of J Crew Tippi sweaters (if I like something, I will often buy a back-up, or the same item in a different color), and Eileen Fisher is probably not in danger of going out of business.

DT continues to hang things on walls! We have been leaning paintings, framed photographs, and whatever, up against the wall. Occasionally, they will be moved to a different place, until we decided this is the perfect spot. He left a few more difficult/heavy items til last. It took us over an hour, but this screen (from the dining room in our Portland house) is now in a niche in the long hall between the living area and guest area.

There is a story to the pillows on the chairs. I stitched the pillow on the left for Dave's mom, and the giraffe for my mom. Years and years ago. When our mom's passed away, I somehow inherited both pillows. We placed the pillows here, because photos of our moms (and dads) hang on the opposite wall... so our mothers can see their pillows. Okay, that was weird. Also, you know what we need? More needlepointed pillows!

Speaking of needlepointing, another room in this house is finished - the "other" family room, which is somehow called the "media" room. It is a large space between the two guest suites. I will stitch in this room, and my command center is ready to go: my needlepoint stand, lamp, and footrest. Though photos of this room have been posted earlier, now the room is complete:

This room has a "national parks" theme, meaning we "decorated" it with all the furniture/junk from the family room in our last house. Framed prints of Yosemite, etc., and a bear to guard it all:

Though there are toys in the drawers of that big black cabinet, the entire top of the armoire is filled with my needlepoint supplies. The pillows, years old, from CatStudio, also have national park themes.

Another very important item was placed the other day - the hummingbird feeder from our lot at the Motorcoach Country Club. Remember that we kept seeing hummingbirds outside the kitchen window and suspected maybe the past owners (though they had been away for months) had at one time had a feeder in this spot?

Bad photograph, sorry

Our feeder wasn't there for an hour before we had visitors and it is a very popular gathering spot already. Delightful for me. There is no view from the window over the sink (except to wall between our house and our neighbor), but it does let in a lot of light (especially since Dave took-down the massive dark valance "decorating" the window).

Red sauce and smoked mozzarella, with basil

Enough work for one day. Our pizza this week was cooked on a pizza stone on the outdoor grill. 700 degrees!

Until my next update, I remain, your well-hung correspondent.

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  1. Terry please tell me where you are getting these great rugs, we need a new one! Everything looks good, can’t wait till we can visit again 🥰

    1. Most of the rugs came from our last house. Others came from Pottery Barn, or Rugs USA. SW rug in guest TV room is from Wayfair.

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