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8 August: Saturday

La Quinta, California: It felt like Sunday all day. Honestly, no idea what day it is the past few weeks. Our big chore for the day was to get the golf cart from the our RV site to our new house. About a three mile drive - less than driving the cart on a round of golf. DT did charge-up the batteries, just in case, and our cart is now securely parked in her own little bay of our garage. Dave drove the cart right down the sidewalk (a normal/legal occurrence in these parts). Actually, many of the sidewalks are curvy to discourage cart drivers from going too fast. Truth!

My chore for the afternoon was to organize the pantry as much as possible - so I could get the empty/clean canisters (I use mason jars) back to the pantry in the RV. The pantry in our bus is just wide enough to hold two quart mason jars, so that is the preferred container in the RV. I like something with more than a quart capacity in the house, so use half-gallon mason jars. They are cheap, reliable, and readily available anywhere. Photos when I finish my task.

But - ta da - the powder room is completely finished. We were waiting for a waste basket for the guest fingertip towels. It arrived today. From France.

Yes. This is a bucket to chill a magnum of champagne... but let's face it: is looks just like a waste bin.

The theme here is Paris, in case you somehow missed it.

As I have previously mentioned, we bought a house with an odd black toilet (what?) and a black vanity - so we just went with it. No doubt a remodel will be in the future cards, but for now, all the black-and-creme stuff from Lisa's bathroom in our Portland house suits this room perfectly.

(Lisa sketched the Notre Dame in high school.)

I was dragging after our late movie night yesterday and going non-stop all day today. We stopped just before 6p today. Cocktails and a little brie and crackers:

Isn't this so very beige?

Dinner tonight was another from The New York Times, (I hope the recipe isn't behind a pay-wall). Sheet-Pan Cod and Scallions With Cucumber Yogurt, was enjoyed by both of us. I prepped everything before I sat down for cocktail hour, so it was super simple to pop in the oven before serving. I followed the (half) recipe, but decided to serve the roasted cod on top of the yoghurt sauce, instead of serving the sauce on top of the fish. Better my way.

Served with steamed beans, avocado, and cherry tomatoes. Charred green onions/scallions are super delicious. 

Until my next update, I remain, your yawning correspondent.

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  1. Your new waste bin looks great. I’m sure the “widow” would approve. Hubby is the cook in our house; can’t wait to share the fish on top of sauce idea.

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