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6 June: Saturday

Indio, California: We had such a busy day, and thankfully, with so much activity yesterday, the little ones slept until 8 o'clock. Swimming, bicycling, scootering-around, makes for a good night's sleep.

After breakfast, today mimicked yesterday: swimming, bicycling, scootering. I made a movie of some of the pool shenanigans:

Jacques Pepin has cooking lunch for his wife everyday during the lock-down. He is posting videos on Instagram, and I am enjoying the series when I do happen to catch it. The other day, he made a "curly dog" for his wife, stating the "technique" was created at his restaurant. It produces a hot dog that curls in a circle - I had to try this for the kids!

It worked!

Dinner was a taco skillet, where everyone can make their own tacos. I used Beyond Burger, black beans, pinto beans and my own taco seasoning mix. With a huge fruit platter, the meal was well-received.

S'mores for desert.

Until my next update, I remain, your short-order correspondent.