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7 June: Sunday

Indio, California: A very busy morning, and our family went back to Los Angeles before noon.

We now have pop-up cots for Leo and Lucy to use in the living area of our motorcoach. They are very convenient, as they fold to near-nothing, and can be used when the radiant floor heaters are in-use (NOT NOW!). Due to all the swimming and bicycling while the grandkids are here - not to mention Harry Potter - Leo and Lucy fall asleep about one minute after they are in bed. This is a good thing.

As I was awake a bit later than usual, working on the swimming video posted yesterday (it's been a while since I have done a video), Lucy fell asleep with Bubba (in the master bed). When I went to bed, I carried her out to her cot... where she remained every time I checked on them during the night. (Really, when do adults stop checking on children during the night... and why do I wake up every few hours to check on them... when I usually sleep through most of the night? They are five and eight; they do not need to be constantly watched.)

When I checked on the kids at 6a, Lucy opened one eye and saw me. Oh. Please. Do. Not. Wake. Up. At. 6a. Lucy only smiled, and went back to Dreamland.

By seven o'clock, Lucy had climbed into Leo's cot. So sweet.

Much of the morning was devoted to the final lesson at Hebrew school - virtually, of course - on two laptops. There were several golf cart rides to see what the geese were up to, and checking on a downed bird nest, but after breakfast and Hebrew school, our family headed back to Los Angeles so Lucy could have her photo taken for her ballet recital... that isn't even happening.

Insert sad face here. 

Our plan was to leave the Motorcoach Country Club Friday, June 5th, and drive to Bakersfield... where we would leave our bus overnight, and drive to Los Angeles in our car (two hours) to attend Lucy's ballet recital... only to return to Bakersfield on Sunday (today) and begin our way north to Oregon for all the wonderful track and field in Eugene.

Not happening.

We are still up-in-the-air with our plans, but will update as soon as we have a departure date or a destination. Most of our campsite reservations have been cancelled by us, or by the RV resort. With the Olympic Trials cancelled, we are just like a ball in an ever-tilting pin-ball machine, bouncing around, aimlessly.

After doing 57 loads of laundry, we relaxed in the afternoon, with an easy appetizer plate this evening:

Olives, pickles, cheese, nuts

Plus, an easy dinner. Pasta, tossed in a red sauce (from the freezer) I had made a few weeks ago with über-ripe tomatoes and a bit of ground beef left over from something. Fresh basil was also included, and probably garlic.

But our salad was a bit interesting. I'm going to call it, politely, Left-over Composed Salad, because it was made from bit of things remaining from dinner Friday and Saturday night (DON'T WASTE FOOD!).

Sliced radishes, sliced cucumber, yellow tomatoes from Lisa's garden, baby romaine - topped with the left-over tuna from the Nicoise salad Friday night, and left-over sauteed zucchini from the taco fest Sunday night. With a sprinkle of white wine vinegar, the zucchini became a great addition to the salad tonight. Last night they were sauteed with garlic and roasted red peppers (from a jar). Everything was dressed in the dressing left-over from the Nicoise salad Friday.

We are pretty pooped, so until my next update, I remain, your left-over correspondent.