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5 June: Friday

Indio, California: Just a quick update tonight as the kids arrived late this afternoon, and as I type this, two little munchkins are pretending to be asleep on cots in the living area of our bus.

Yesterday in Los Angeles

Times are getting a bit rough in Los Angeles. The kids have been cooped-up for weeks and weeks, with only one weekend away (here). They have resorted to all sorts of new games to keep themselves amused (see above).

This morning I baked oatmeal-raisin cookies, a dozen buttermilk rolls, and blueberry scones. That should get us through a two-day visit.

After a few days of 105-111° temperatures, strong winds arrived to the Coachella Valley, bringing the mercury down to absolutely lovely climes - except for the roaring winds. You just can't have everything in the desert. The minute the Four L's arrived, the kids were out on their bikes, then out on a golf cart ride, then out on their bikes, and then out on a golf cart ride... well, you get the idea.

Leo (8) thought the strong winds were great - posing with the wind blowing through his lock-down no-hair-cut situation:

Leo is channeling Trevor Lawrence in the off-season

I prepared a nice appetizer tray, with all sorts of fresh and pickled vegetables, olives, and a bit of cheese (did not photograph, sorry). Dinner tonight was Salad Niçoise. Everyone can take what they like from the platter and leave what they do not. Tarragon vinaigrette was served on the side.

The kids are going through the Harry Potter film series and are now on the last movie, which apparently is so long, the movie is in two parts. Part One of Movie 7 was watched tonight. I kept getting up to make 1) popcorn, and, 2) strawberry sundaes, so did not get to watch the entire film, but Harry Potter was alive at the end... so probably Part Two tomorrow night?

Miss Lucy (5) liked the movie (it is a bit scary for a five year old!) as long as she was sitting next to her Bubba, or on her mom's lap.

I am sure tomorrow will be filled with bike rides, swimming, and all sort of other adventures.

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.

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  1. Do you ever shop at Smart & Final. Sort of a tiny Costco. Very good prices on spices in larger quantities. I see you have about 5 in your area. In Phoenix we only have 3 or 4.

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