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5 April: Sunday

Indio, California: Honestly, I really want to write a date-line one day that instead of Indio, reads Paris. Or Rome. Or Los Angeles. Can’t imagine that happening anytime soon. Borrego Springs? Tucson? Merced?

We had yet another unremarkable day. We did not leave the resort. Did not leave The Bubble.

I started a loaf of bread from my starter/sponge this morning. It took a remarkable SIX hours to rise, but it did rise, and after I pried it from the glass loaf pan, was quite presentable:

Sourdough Goddess

Years ago, I kept a starter and made bread all the time. These days, even with My Exerciser, we just don’t eat that much bread (not counting pizza many Sundays). It was fun for me to resurrect my starter, but the “care and feeding” of a sponge uses far too much valuable flour during our confinement, and with Passover approaching, the sponge has been returned to the freezer. Sorry, I am not getting rid of my grains this Passover.

Since Riverside County is under a “wear a mask when outside your house” order, Captain Jim made himself a very easy mask from the famed purple velvet Crown Royal packaging.

So clever. We asked Captain Jim how he made his mask, but he reported he did not remember.


Speaking of memory. Remember back to that time the Ducks played (and lost to) LSU in Dallas in 2011? Pre-season. A man seated in front of us wore a cape constructed of Crown Royal velvet pouches. It was a thing of most-excellent creativity and beauty. Like a cape made of purple and gold velvet fish scales. Everyone just remembers the cape. I remember the man carried a staff. Like a six-or-seven-foot staff with an orb-of-some-sort on top. Basically a weapon. I wasn’t allowed to enter the stadium with a purse larger than 6x6 inches, yet this guy carried a staff? Was he herding sheep?

September 2011

Tiger Bait.

I made a salad with the absolute near dregs of our iceberg lettuce. Avocado. Red onion. Peperoncini. Hearts of Palm. Green olives. Celery. No tomato, as we only have one tomato and I am hoarding this final fruit.

There was also a cheese pizza produced tonight. It was not very good and not very photo-worthy. Let’s just focus on the loaf of bread today, okay?

I hope your Sunday was funner than mine! Comment below and tell me what you did today!

Until my next update, I remain, your Sunday correspondent.

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  1. I did a whole lot of nothing. Oh wait I ordered a bunch of bandanas. I should have some this week and some next week. I’m still working, but in my days off I do nothing

  2. I really am enjoying your posts. Love seeing what you fix for meals. It’s challenging!

  3. We started watching slides of our adventures over the years. Saw some great stuff from Switzerland, France, England, Holland, etc all the way up to 1986. Then the *&# projector gave up. Not the bulb, but a tiny little part. And heavens to Betsy they don’t make 35 mm slide projectors any more.so, we are 30 or so carousels short of finishing. As The Goddess would say, “Rat farts.”

    1. you can pick up a slide projector for almost nothing and at any thrift store. Make sure the bulb works, they are expensive!

  4. I’m really enjoying your daily posts! Let’s see, I went walking, and immediately came home and made caramel sauce, then cookies, started dinner for us, and our priest. It’s my Monday night good deed.
    Have no idea why I was compelled to make caramel sauce. Because it was “day”. Beautiful day in Oregon. Called my childhood friend to tell her happy 70th tomorrow, only to discover this is Mon “day”, not Tues”day”. That’s the way our household rolls these days.

  5. So enjoy your blog! Hope the bruise isn’t bad – or as obvious!

    Exile Day 227 – Our dog still gets excited when we pull out her leash…but no longer jumps up and down. (How many times is too many to take a dog for a walk in a single day – so far, we’re up to three!). After looking at it for months (and delaying it), attempted to fix blind in master. In less than 30 minutes, managed to break said blind…called customer service, to find it will take 30 days. I guess we aren’t going anywhere anyway… Wife whipped out trusty sewing machine and fashioned face coverings for us…using an existing one she had previously used (Whoops!). We’re now safe to go to Riverside…or rob a bank. Very happy I can stop and read your blog, before attempting to “fix” something else!

  6. You bake bread like I do, big! I purchase half sheet parchment paper from King Arthur Flour, cut it in half and use it in my bread pan. It makes life much easier. You’re looking good during the pandemic. Since I am now working from home and see no one I stopped taking the time to be presentable. I may change that. Best wishes.

  7. We’ve decided somehow that staying at the beach house is safer than driving out to motor coach in Indio. Not sure really why. But I think they’ve told us we’re not supposed to be out unless we’re running for milk or a prescription? Anyway the excitement today was finding the right rear tire on the Porsche was flat and then we filled it up by plugging it into the cigar lighter which then flattened the battery. Yada yada. Eventually through the graces of AAA, got everything workable and went to Torrance to fix the tire. That was my outing. How does one make a sourdough starter?

  8. When I get the urge for some home baked bread, I turn to frozen bread dough which I keep in my freezer. Put it in a parchment lined pan (metal), zap in the microwave for 10 seconds, then leave to rise over night.Usually in the morning it is about an 1″ above the side of the pan. I like to get it 2″ above the pan, so it will have lots of air pockets inside when I bake it. After cooling down, I cut it in half and freeze 1/2, and enjoy the other half.

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