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4 April: Saturday

Indio, California: I didn’t even leave our campsite today. Things have turned that desperate. As of today, our county is on a mandatory face-mask-while-in-public order. Thank goodness. Why did it take so long? We have bandannas, but there was no reason to go out. I continued on my sourdough “starter” blob, but it isn’t too happy here in the dry climate. We are expecting rain in a few days, and hopefully my sponge will benefit from the change in weather? I know the desert will.

Leo is on week three of his piano class via FaceTime. Lucy had her third week of ballet class via video conference call thing. She still puts on a tutu and does the rehearsal for her ballet recital... which has been cancelled, by the way. (Insert sad face here.) Lucy has also finished her science class experiment - watering mint and basil with water and orange juice. The water won-out:

We miss the kids so much!

Even though Lucy hasn’t been to school for three weeks, she still continued her experiment and produced a story-board detailing her hypothesis - along with graphics. Lucy can also pronounce hypothesis.

A+ ???

After wind in the morning, our afternoon was spectacular - warm 80 degree sun and no wind. DT worked on the crossword and I needlepointed while we listened to Bill Withers music. So sad to lose another great American this week (this time, not to the virus). And, Oregon lost one of their greatest citizens today - Arlene Schnitzer passed away at 91.

Five o’clock couldn’t arrive soon enough today.

Our appetizer plates tonight consisted of mixed nuts, green olives, the last of the Comte, Tillamook cheddar, a carrot stick and a bit of the chicken last night - whirled into a spread with lemon zest and a bit of sour cream - and served on water biscuits.

Zucchini Marinata

Our salad course was Zucchini Marinata - paper-thin shaved slices of zucchini, marinated in lemon juice, white wine vinegar and olive oil - tossed with salt, pepper, dried basil (no more fresh) and topped with shaved Parmesan.

Pasketti and Meatballs! I made six meatballs the other day when DT grilled burgers, and froze them for just such an occasion. I had a teeny bit of marinara in the freezer as well... and two tablespoons of minced parsley.

The gin rummy tourney continues. DT is up by 500 points. I won so many hands tonight, but only earning 4 or 9 or 6 points each time. I am thinking this may be a “tortoise and the hare” kind of card game?

Or not.

Until my next update, I remain, your sad correspondent.

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  1. I’m enjoying your posts with your day by day menus. You’re giving me good ideas when I’ve hit the wall on what to cook! It all looks so good. I especially love your happy hour appetizers and have been doing that too. My husband thinks it’s great! Can you share where you got the cute little plates? Thanks and stay safe and well.

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