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4 August: Tuesday

La Quinta, California: I need to set a few of you straight. Just because we bought a house in the desert, does not mean I am going to stop blogging. Over the past 20+ years, we have always had a house and a RV. Now our house is in La Quinta instead of Portland. We still have a RV. When we lived in Portland, we used our bus in the winter, and stored our RV in the summer. Now that we live in California, we will store our bus in the winter, and use it in the summer (assuming Pandemic-free). Same scenario; switched seasons.

I may one day - soon I hope - stop blogging daily. I decided to blog daily during the lock-down pandemic, if only to record our meals for my personal records... thinking it would be only for a few weeks... months. Now that I have been cooking and blogging daily, for over 140 days, well, it just isn't really that interesting. To me.

How many appetizer plates can one woman make?

Posting every night - after moving all day - has really been a grind the past week or so. (I'm no longer a spring chicken.)

Arnold's crew brought the furniture from our casita this morning. Interestingly enough, the covered veranda at our new house is nearly the same size as our covered space inside our build-out at the Motorcoach Country Club. Our nearly-nine-year-old furniture still looks good (to us).

So much happening today - and don't forget Tuesday is my ironing day. (Try to contain your excitement! Pressing linen cocktail napkins is so thrilling!)

Our bar fridge/ice maker was delivered this afternoon. Arnold will send his crew over tomorrow for the install. There is an old wine fridge to remove from the space, several holes to drill through the shoddy cabinetry so the ice maker water line can reach from the reverse-osmosis tank to the ice maker. Hopefully my measuring skills are on-task.

If not, Arnold's team from Desert Isles, will make it work.

This is the fifth Subzero Beverage Center we have purchased. Two in our Portland house (one died after 20 years), one for the nanny apartment in our Portland house, and one for our casita in the Motorcoach Country Club.

I have seen so many hummingbirds outside the kitchen window, I suspect the past owners may have had a feeder here? Today, DT moved the feeder from our campsite to a tree outside the kitchen window. I'm expecting great things.

Dave was to the RV this afternoon to finish packing-up a few things, getting our lot ready to put on the market. If any of you are looking for a primo wintering spot, please let us know... or if you know anyone interested in spending the winter in the Coachella Valley, our lot is for sale!

A spicy Thai/Asian vegan menu tonight. I blistered shishito peppers from our CSA box as an appetizer. The larger peppers nearly ate through our esophagus (FIRE!), but the smaller peppers were really good!

Dinner tonight was a simple Thai coconut curry vegetable stew. I sauteed onion and garlic, then veggies were slowly poached in Thai curry paste (from a jar), vegetable broth, and coconut milk. Tonight: onion, garlic, eggplant (CSA box), red pepper, sweet potato, tomato, and basil. Served over Jasmine rice... with a bit of fresh tomato as a garnish... and a fruit salad to accompany.

Super satisfying and super vegan.

Another Big Day tomorrow!

Until my next update, I remain, your spicy correspondent.

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  1. Glad to hear you’ll continue blogging. I understand the difficulty finding interesting things to show/say during this pandemic and I, for one, appreciate your efforts. It’s been fun watching the progression of your purchase, fixing, and then moving into your beautiful new home. I look forward, also, to seeing where you spend your summers as we’re on that path also.

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