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3 August: Monday

La Quinta, California: Things may seem to be calming-down a bit, but there are sometimes still crazy-busy moments. Though our two "houses" are just a few miles apart, we have but one car (two bikes, and a golf cart). Even so, sometimes it is difficult to coordinate that one person is at the house/RV to await a delivery or service person. First World Problems.

Breakfast: one of us has fruit and one of us has fruit with plain Greek yoghurt. (I'm the yoghurt one.)

The patio furniture from the casita was supposed to be moved to our new house today, but that didn't happen. However, Arnold did send his artist to texture the wall below the television (that was ripped-up during installation Friday). After it dries, DT will paint/touch-up the wall with our slowly-depleting can of touch-up paint. 

Dave was back-and-forth three times to the bus today. The air conditioner repair person gave us semi-bad news. Yes, he could patch it up with assorted parts, but feels the front air conditioner is dead. Dang. We now have only two (of three) RV air conditioners functioning. We knew this day was coming. The units are 11+years old. Bad thing? Just like every other appliance (washers, dryers, freezers, refrigerators), RV roof-top air conditioners are few and far between in America (mostly because they are all made in China). Blame COVID, blame politics. Whatever, we are now on a waiting list.

I kept busy at the house, finishing-up my office organization, placing and waiting for an Instacart grocery delivery, and doing early prep for dinner. Remember that chicken I roasted Friday? I had boiled the bones for stock, shredded the remaining chicken, and saved a bit of the barley from the salad. Today, I only had to saute a little onion, garlic, carrot and celery in olive oil, before pouring the chicken stock, shredded chicken, and the barley into the pot. (There were a few chopped potatoes left-over from Friday, as well.) After three days, everything must go!

Garnished with parsley. Left-over Happiness.
Appetizer, with martini. Happily reunited with our pretty
elephant Limoges canape plates.

Our salad tonight was inspired (and copied) from a Jacques Pepin Instagram video where he peels an entire tomato (because his wife can't tolerate tomato skins) and turns the tomato peel into a flower. I attempted this tonight, obviously without the same professional result. Whatever. It was fine.

There were a lot of track & field replays to watch on the Olympic Channel tonight. Ashton Eaton winning Gold at the London Olympics. So fun to re-watch the events. Especially when you know the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) will win.

Until my next update - when our bar fridge/ice maker will be delivered - I remain, your "getting organized" correspondent.

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  1. I am a long-time reader but have never commented. You are saved on my daily blog roll, and I am so enjoying your daily posts. I used to write a blog along with my daughter and her friend, so I really appreciate the time and effort it takes to put together a post.

  2. We ordered two new dometic penguin II 15K air conditioners for our RV on July 4th. Same boat, no oars lol. The two on our RV do still work but we’re putting a permanent new roof on the RV and so replacing the old ones makes sense.

  3. Reading about the tomato skin flower reminded me of the avocado rose that was on the breakfast menu at a farm to table restaurant where I ate last week (on the patio, socially distanced). I googled it, chose a YouTube video, and made it myself. It is not as hard as it looks. Here’s the video I used in case you want to try. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8WW_pl_aCo

  4. To encourage you to keep blogging…………would you consider some photos or titles or discussions of your cookbook collection? I read cookbooks like other folks read novels, and I suspect many of your followers do the same. You have such a great repertoire of menus and recipes that we would thoroughly enjoy a trip through your cookbook library.

  5. We are long time followers, I love your daily blog, my wife and I both dread the day you run out of steam.

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