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iPhone Photos

Los Angeles, California: As Dave and I were going out the door - headed to the airport for our flight to LA - our contractor asked if I had a minute... which, in general, you know is not going to be good news.

It wasn't.

The vanity cabinet had been delivered yesterday and though we had inspected each piece before signing for the delivery, John noticed a crack in the marble backsplash this morning.

Rat farts.

Not only was there a crack, he realized it would be nearly impossible to place a perfectly flat 6-foot-long slab of marble against our not-very-flat-or-straight-at-all wall.

Plan B.

Instead of using/replacing the provided one-piece (cracked) backsplash, our contractor used left-over pieces of marble molding as a back splash. Not only that - John thought to add the black ceramic "accent" tile he had used in the shower and tub area. Brilliant!

And even though John had not started the project before we left the house - and he had to drive all the way to the south side of Portland to fetch more accent tile - this photo greeted me upon touchdown in Burbank! From John's iPhone to mine. I am happy the provided marble backsplash had a crack - this looks so much better!

Genius! Not only is John clever, he is considerate. John is sealing the marble this weekend while we are away - because it is a stinky, toxic project and he wants to protect our lungs. (John will wear some sort of breathing apparatus.)

A happy, smiling baby did not greet us upon our touchdown in Burbank. Leo is fussy. Crying. Miserable. Though only 3 months old, with all the fussy drooling, it has been determined that Leo is teething. Lisa and Lenny both worked from home today and took turns passing the whimpering babe back and forth.

They were very grateful for two more sets of arms.

The plans for a home cooked Shabbat went out the window, in favor of delivered foods from a nearby Italian restaurant.

And I brought a batch of organic Salted Pumpkin Caramels.

After dinner, on the way to our hotel room, I received another photo on my cell phone:

I'm smiling now, Bubbe!

Until my next update, I remain, your tired correspondent.