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31 March: Tuesday

Indio, California: I am not sure how much longer I will be able to write these daily posts. It is very difficult to write about doing nothing. How about a report from Los Angeles? The kids are all well. School takes up most of the day, plus feeding everyone three meals a day. Their avocado tree is producing like mad, so they have plenty of fresh food.

Food takes up a lot of my day as well. I have started farming. Not actually using the irrigated pots that hold herbs, more of an urban farmer... or what would you call a woman who is growing lettuce from discarded romaine stalks?

Bored out of her mind?

This is only two days growth - and I have two “heads” of lettuce sprouting from the center of the stalk. By Thursday, I will be able to make a salad large enough to feed Barbie! There are also a few stems of green onions shooting up new growth... and, even though it is nearing Passover, I have resurrected my old sourdough starter from the freezer, and it is so very happy! My Driver will also be very happy when I bake him a loaf of sourdough bread in a few days. Not sure what to do about Passover. We have no Kosher-for-Passover matzoh and I am not getting rid of our precious flour. My brother thinks we should agree to cancel Passover this year. Still pondering.

Another very warm day, but no sun at all. High cloud layer and humidity. No wind. Tuesday is my day to stay home (has been for years). It’s the day to schedule repair people, change the sheets, and iron the linens (dinner napkins and kitchen towels). We both exercised for 90 minutes this morning. I rode my bike and then walked. DT walked/jogged only.

After our lamb last night, I chose to sacrifice the baby bok choy this evening, thinking they wouldn’t be crisp much longer. I stir-fried the bok choy with baked tofu and added a ginger-sesame sauce to finish.

No recipe, just fresh ginger, sesame oil, rice vinegar and soy, with a little water and cornstarch. Green onion slivers to garnish. It was served over Japanese sprouted brown rice. The precious bit of iceberg lettuce was topped with carrots and miso dressing. The cucumbers were sliced on a mandoline and tossed with rice vinegar, sugar and salt. A nice Japanese meal.

Very filling - and vegan.

The sunset tonight was spectacular!

The gin rummy tournament continued tonight, around the fire pit. We played ten hands. Dave won nine. He leads 500-150.

Tonight our county has been directed to wear a mask or bandanna - anything actually - over your face and mouth when outside your home. I have several bandannas... but will probably not be going to the bank with a bandanna over my face, less they mistake me for Jesse James. I have no need to visit a bank anyway and will try to remain inside the MCC Bubble until the week after next... and then, only for food.

Until my next thrilling post - French Night tomorrow - I remain your masked correspondent.

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  1. That was a spectacular sunset. I loved the back lit palm trees in the foreground.

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