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30 March: Monday

Indio, California: A note to Readers - the man I hired to fix my website has gone AWOL (he is not well; think good thoughts) and I have been receiving SO MANY emails from y’all asking for missing recipes... that were being repaired when above-mentioned guy became ill... but the internet is a miraculous thing. Not only because the interweb is a thing of mystery and miracle on any day, but because someone thought to capture websites and preserve them. It’s like time-traveling. So... if you are looking for a recipe and, since my site is s&*t right now, please use this link back to the past and probably you will be able to find what you need: BACK TO THE PAST.

Crazy, right?

We finally finally finally had a day over 80 degrees. (Sorry to my Brother in Sisters who had snow today.) I woke just after seven o’clock this morning and was surprised that I woke without being jolted from my sleep by hammering, jack-hammering, or slate-roof-slashing noise from the guys working on the casita next door. It has been a very long time since I have updated about the build-out happening next to us... but it is still happening. Workers can be in our resort Monday-Thursday, 7-4 daily. The workers were not here today until after 8a, so I was praying they had finally decided to follow the Governor’s rules of SHELTER IN PLACE. Nope, they just all showed-up (Oh. My. Goodness. Carpooling is NOT obeying the 6-foot rule!!!) after 8a today, and worked a full shift. Some companies have issued face masks to their workers. Some have not. I still feel RV washers are not essential services. Pretty sure men building casitas are not either, but no one asks me. Since I last left the Motorcoach Country Club two weeks ago, Avenue 48 had been completely repaved. Of all the roads in SoCal, I can’t think of any street that needed to be repaved less than Avenue 48. Why was this essential? We think they are removing a lane to add a bike path. Very nice, indeed, but why now? Go Home!

The view from here

Dave rode his bike around and around the resort this morning, and I walked four miles (the last half-mile with Dave, after he finished his ride). Lunch was half-sandwiches made with a loaf of bread from our freezer purchased at the Farmers Market by Lisa’s house three weeks ago. Dense. Dark. Wonderful bread.

Our afternoon project was to drain our fresh water tank and fill it again. Just in case we need to make a run-for-it. No idea why, or no idea where. We can’t run for a border, as they are closed south and north of us. No matter, it is always good to have 150 gallons of fresh water on board - no matter the reason.

Best part of this scenario was we couldn’t recall how to drain our fresh water tank. Hadn’t done this job in a very long time. I actually had to text our favorite tech, Brian. He didn’t even tease me. He just said to push the button in the bathroom that says FRESH WATER TANK DRAIN. If only Brian could be in a bar tonight, laughing with his friends, about our text message today! Damn you, COVID-19, for ruining Brian’s evening.

Painted Lady

This Painted Lady stopped by our campsite today on her way to eastern Oregon. She was not doing well and I am sorry to report, s/he will not be continuing her journey. She didn’t die on the pavement. We moved her to a shady spot amongst yellow pansies. So sad.

All the rain has brought uncommon blooms in the landscaping inside our RV park.

Some campers gather for a golf cart parade each evening inside the gates of the Motorcoach Country Club.

After our exciting afternoon of dumping and refilling the fresh water and another thrilling trip to the mailroom, we were ready for dinner!

Rosemary Cashews

Today I toasted an assortment of nuts - walnut halves, cashews, hazelnuts, pistachios - for our nut jar... and I also toasted a cup of cashews to use in one of our favorite treats: Rosemary Cashews from The Barefoot Contessa. Obviously, I made a very small batch of Rosemary Cashews for us tonight, but since we have so much rosemary in our garden pots, and I was serving lamb marinating in rosemary, it was a good combo.

Brussels Sprouts - over a balsamic glaze

One item in the bottom of the veg drawer were a few Brussels Sprouts. They really needed to be used. Or so I thought. When I cleaned the few heads, they turned-out to be just fine. How dang long do these things last anyway? I roasted them at 400 degrees for 35-40 minutes in olive oil and salt, placed them on a drizzle of balsamic glaze. Very nice.

But not as nice as the potato gratin served alongside. My ‘taters are beginning to sprout eyes, and I knew they need to be used. ASAP. I had half-and-half, but I did not have Gruyere. I had Comte. It worked just as well, with a little nutmeg, and was a great side dish with the main course - grilled lamb shoulder.

My Driver did a most excellent job on the lamb shoulder. The “steaks” were marinated all day in minced garlic, olive oil, and mint and rosemary from our garden pots. We only finished one steak... so now I have to figure out another meal (soup?) for the remaining (larger) lamb shoulder steak.


Do you ever wonder what we have for dessert? I rarely serve dessert. Only if we have a dinner party; and usually fruit.


Be safe, everyone. Don’t go out. Popcorn is a good dinner.

Until my next update - try to contain your excitement -, I remain your Rosemary-infused correspondent.

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  1. It’s a good thing popcorn is OK for dinner–when I tire of cooking that’s about the only thing the Cowboy knows how to cook. Thanks for the link to your recipes–now if I can only remember which recipe I was looking for???😁

  2. So glad to hear both you and DT are well!
    Man, if there was ever a time to do major road work – this is it! (No one is on them! No resulting congestion or accidents!). But sorry to hear about the construction next door (even a bigger bummer when your trapped being next to it).

    Have you all given thought to when your leaving MCC? Or, could you survive the summer staying there?

  3. In the same vein why if the golf course is closed do they need to mow it at 6am in the dark?

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