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31 August: Monday

Zurich, Switzerland La Quinta, California: Just another average day in the Coachella Valley. Mother Nature has given us a several-day reprieve from the record-breaking temperatures, and we are now in the "normal" temperatures (around 105°). We were up early and exercising before it became too hot. Interesting occurrence this morning: it was raining in the mountains just to the south of us. Raining so close, I could smell it. Sadly, the moisture never made it much over the mountains, and we remained dry (yet muggy) again all day. After working out, we once-again went for a dip in the pool. We are really enjoying this new routine.

Lunch (salad), taking delivery of an Instacart grocery delivery, DT putting-together a pool-towel drying rack, putting air in our car tires (apparently, our car does not like hanging-out - we never go anywhere - in an 120-degree garage, and the tire pressure has been dropping... or so said my app).

I bet, before heading out in search of food from our hotel in Zurich, we would have stopped in the lobby bar for a cocktail. No doubt, we would have been served some-sort of crunch-salty snack. Potato chips, perhaps?

After several days of meat meat meat, we had a vegan dinner... which often, in our house, is Taiwanese/Chinese food.

I had a bit of tofu (pronounced DOH-foo in Mandarin), and I had a bit of green beans. The two ingredients were sauteed separately, then joined together in a sauce consisting of sherry, soy, rice vinegar, sesame oil and a teeny bit of Taiwanese chili crunch.

So good!

Dear Readers: I am going to take a break from daily blogging. I have blogged every thing I have done/cooked/eaten since April 1st. FIVE+ months in a row, without missing even one day. It is getting to be a grind, and I honestly cannot even think of one more thing to cook. This blog will continue, probably way-too-often, but no longer daily.

The virus is seemingly non-ending, but my ability to write a daily column (while doing nothing) is over.

Until my next update, I remain, your needlepointing correspondent.

18 thoughts

  1. Thank you, Terry for blogging all these months. Every single post has been enjoyable. I look forward to when you resume blogging. Until then, I’ll make some of your recipes.

  2. Your post each night have been a highlight of my evening. I too have been self-isolating (since March 6) due to a compromised immune system from chemo – 9 years ago.

    Please know how much I have enjoyed your posts and following along on your life of adventures along with your fantastic meals. Hoping you don’t stay away too long. Thank you for your kindness in sharing with all of us.

  3. Thanks for all of the great posts and dinner ideas! Your posts have been a bright spot in some pretty dark months. 🙂

  4. Thank you for your many months of blogging. I have read every one of them, savored the cocktails and the meals, and followed your step-by-step move from Oregon to California. I will continue to monitor your site to be sure I don’t miss a post.

  5. Thank you for your blog. I started following you years ago when you provided your thoughts on different rv sites to visit…even passed you on the road a time or two. What started as ideas of where to go turned into enjoying your family adventures. Reading about your day is like a breath of fresh air.

  6. We’ll miss you. Your everyday blogs have been a highlight of our day, reading what others are doing to keep busy and pass time helps remind us that life goes on. Sometimes interesting and exciting, sometimes mundane and ordinary, it’s all OK. Bet you didn’t know how much these posts meant to others! I’ll keep watching….

  7. I have enjoyed your sense of humor, adventure and your posts for years…especially these last months of isolation. Enjoy your new home! I’ll be looking forward to occasional updates soon.

  8. As expressed in previous comments your daily blogs are always fun and interesting.
    You have a sharp sense of humor and a fun flair for writing/reporting what you see and do
    We’ll miss being part of your daily chats, hearing about the 4 Ls,etc, so take a break but just not to long!

  9. Thank you for your daily posts – I have enjoyed each one and always look forward to the photo of your daily hors d’oeuvre plate not only what is on the plate but the plate itself.

  10. I’m happy to join those singing praises for your daily blog posts. Each and every one was special and filled with humor and optimism. A rest is well deserved, but please don’t stay away too long.

  11. I’ll miss your daily blogs. Please don’t be gone to long. I love reading your recipes. There are two or three that I make all the time. Please take care of yourself in this very strange world we have now. See your blog soon 🙂

  12. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and seeing what you’re all up to. Your daily posts have inspired me to keep cooking and meal planning right along with you. Please take this well-deserved rest to recharge. Will look forward to future posts, hopefully soon with the rest of the family in person.

  13. Terry, you certainly deserve some well-earned time off! While we’ll join the chorus of “Hurry back! We’ll miss you!” ~ by all means go out and be inspired by something new, try a different path or a new solution to an old challenge. Enjoy time with DT and your wonder family…if only by Zoom! Maybe we’ll hear from you by football season? (Note that I didn’t say which year!)

    Take good care!

  14. Thank you so much for your commitment to your wonderful blog. I’ve been reading it now for what seems like forever. Love reading, and taking your advice, of wonderful RV spots to go and delicious dishes to make. It was fun when our paths cross visiting the same RV parks…Tubac, Chowchilla, MCC, plus a few more. The big “O” is undeniably the RV Goddess on the move. 🙂
    After we bought our lot at MCC, I remember the first time I recognized your Driver, Lucy and Leo motoring around MCC in your golf cart. I felt like I was seeing old friends.
    Reading you blog daily has been a refreshing smile in these strange times. I look forward to your future posts and keeping up with you on all your new adventures.

  15. I will truly miss the daily posts and your cunning wit!
    Enjoy your break and hopefully it won’t be too long 🙂

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