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3 September: Thursday

Milan, Italy La Quinta, California: Oh, yeah... we are not in Milan. Not meeting our guide for 20-minutes in front of The Last Supper (most likely a Seder), and will not be strolling the covered walkways in historic Milan.

Mattresses were delivered today! The "adult" guest room actually has a bed frame to hold the king mattress. The beds I ordered for Leo and Lucy's guest room (from West Elm) on July 1st (paid in full) are still AWOL. I cannot get an answer from West Elm. I call every few days and get a different answer every damn time. Twice, they claim the order has been CANCELLED. (Insert swear words here.) I have now taken to ranting to West Elm on their Instagram page. (Get in line. It's a hate-fest there.) This is quite fun, but alas, my bitching results in zero answers. Please email us and we will immediately look into your issue! I did, and guess the email response: We will get back to you in 7-10 days. REALLY? Why can't you just tell me when my beds will be delivered? How difficult can this be? Please, DO NOT EVER order anything from West Elm. It is just ridiculous. Will my grandchildren be sleeping on mattresses placed on the floor? If this happens, you can bet I will be social-media-posting this photo all over Instagram like it is my job!

Just in case you missed a few appetizer plates:

Last night I cooked meat. I didn't want to, but after the fish I ordered from Seattle arrived, I needed to clear a lot of space in the freezer. The massive lamb shank needed to go. After cooking the shank four hours, I served it with black lentils. Very good, but there was no way we could even eat half of the shank.

I was reminded of a vegetable cannelloni from Lake Como years ago... topped with a bit of meat sauce. Cannelloni are like a combination between lasagna and manicotti, but often made with savory (no sugar) crepes, in place of pasta sheets. I decided to recreate this meal tonight. I made savory (round) crepes, cut them into rectangles, filled them with sauteed mushrooms (shallots, garlic, thyme, finished with a splash of cognac). The cannelloni were baked in a Bechamel sauce, then topped with left-over lamb shank.

Must garnish.

This was good.

Tamra and Steve gave me a birthday gift last fall, but I refused it, as we were already moved into our bus and it was over-flowing... thinking I could pick this pillow up in June when we all met in Eugene to watch all the track meets. Well, that didn't happen, and we all had no idea the twists this pandemic would give us. Tamra mailed the pillow to us this week. I can't believe how well this gorgeous thing fits in our new house! Like it was made for our family room. Thank you, Dear Friends. Happy Birthday to me (last October!).

Our gardening team have been busy two days now re-working our sprinkler system. The sprinkler heads just kept blowing-out and flooding everything if we weren't out there watching constantly (and we were not). We have ordered more plants, decorative rock, and rosemary for the base of the posts in the covered veranda by the pool. I will report as these items are installed.

We are still exercising early in the morning, taking a swim, then beginning our day. DT goes to the RV every afternoon to see if our air conditioners have blown-up yet. New units are on order, but like any appliance ordered during a pandemic - they are non-existent. Maybe the air-cons are hanging out with Leo and Lucy's beds?

So, as you can see, nothing has changed in my two-day break from blogging... except one thing: our lot at The Motorcoach Country Club is now on the market. Tell your friends. Let's get this gorgeous view sold to another RVer, who can appreciate the beautiful view.

Until my next update, I remain, your refreshed correspondent.

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  1. I can feel your frustration about your order. I’m having the same issue with a bedroom set I ordered from my local store.

  2. I don’t have my 2 new air conditioners either though they have had my money for 2 months. Terry, I can’t find your tomato pudding recipe anywhere. Can you please point me to it since the link no longer works? Thank you in advance.

      1. That sounds great! Should I scale it down for just the two of us? If I make the whole recipe, would it freeze well? (We have plenty of freezer space now that we’ve hung up our keys.)

  3. Do I see a Solar Oven in your future? Maybe on drawer slides so that you can extend it out through the wall, so you don’t have to experience the heat. Think: WALK IN OVEN.

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