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30 July: Thurday

La Quinta, California: Caveat - I somehow left my mouse at the house this evening, so please forgive any odd things from this blog post tonight. Lisa and Lenny never use a mouse (and can't understand why I am so hopeless), but I am either addicted or old. I need to step-it-up, I know. Do y'all use mouses? Is it a geriatric thing? Let's see how I do tonight.

One of us needed to be at the new house from 8a-5p for a delivery "window" (obviously a massive picture window) for the delivery of our television. I went to the house by 8a, and DT arrived much later. He rode his bike 17 miles, then walked (nearly 4 mile) to the new house. Dave arrived just in time to receive delivery of the desk for the grand-kid's room, and just after the desk was assembled, the elfa "dressers" were delivered. Dave is very skilled with elfa now. I could hire him out?

The rug for the media room was also delivered. Our recycling bin is over-flowing.

Keeping one us at the house at all times, we ran back-and-forth to the RV to bring our last minute (food) items to the new house. Nearly all of our clothes are at the house. The fridge/freezer will be the last items... and wouldn't you even know it... it will be 120 degrees tomorrow in La Quinta.

The television was delivered around 3p. The delivery company would only deliver it to the front door, or the garage. COVID-savvy, they would not enter the home. Don't blame them. The COVID protocol must seriously be cutting-into their tips?

Since we can't have cocktails with anyone in real life, we are super enjoying our Zoom/Facetime cocktail parties with our web-friendly friends. Tonight we had cocktails with Marie and Matt in Portland. So wonderful to "see" them and to catch-up with their news. 

Due to such a whirl-wind crazy day, I kept one cup of dried penne pasta and one cup of red sauce (with roasted vegetables) at the bus. I made a composed salad. This will be our last supper in the RV for quite a while. Tomorrow, we plan to sleep at the new house. It's about time: our furniture was delivered July 15th... (but then we had COVID quarantine it for 48 hours, etc).

Hopefully our television will be installed tomorrow. The temperatures are predicted to be 120 degrees tomorrow. Perfect day to take a dip in our pool?

Until my next update, hopefully from a new location, I remain, your transitional correspondent.

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  1. Terry, wouldn’t it be much easier to drive the motorhome to the new house to empty?

  2. I’ll admit to being a mouse addict also. Can’t get along without it.
    and, yes, I am in the geriatric category.

  3. Hi. First of all, I have been following your blog for years, but I don’t think I have told you recently how much I enjoy it. I still use a mouse as that little move your fingers around thingy is just too confusing! I am 77, so I guess that explains it! Good luck with your new house – looking forward to photos. And I always look forward to photos & details about your visits with your adorable Grands. Happy first night in your new casa – wonder if you will celebrate with bubbly or perhaps have an extra martini for cocktails!

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