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27 June: Saturday

Indio, California: Day 104 of home cooking. It isn't getting any easier. My brain is nearly depleted of new menu plans. I am predicting popcorn for dinner one night soon. Another tossed salad was prepared this evening and I think I heard the salad bowl yell at me.

The new house was visited this afternoon. Measuring. Measuring. Measuring.

While house-hunting, we had a checklist. Three bedrooms. Office. Large kitchen. Covered/shady patio. Pool/hot tub. Firepit. There are also a few things that most people would not even think about when purchasing a home, things that are unique to the Coachella Valley. The local tribes own a lot of the land, and many homes (especially closer to Palm Springs) are on leased land... meaning you own the house, but not the land. I know, so odd. Any property on leased land was scratched immediately. What if the lease was not renewed? Another thing - again, mostly just in the Palm Springs area - is a garage. So many houses in the Coachella Valley have no garage, or only a carport.

Another few things about homes in the Coachella Valley? It is nearly impossible to find a home without a pool. Most homes have bars, and nearly every bedroom is en-suite. All these things are normal, whether in a new home, or an old home. Probably because a large percentage of homes in this area are vacation homes.

Decorative fountains on the left; spa at the end of the pool

The house we bought had everything on our wish-list except a fire pit... and you know, we can get a fire pit! One glimpse at this pool, and it is easy to figure-out that we had two little swimmers in mind during this purchase.

This house also had a massive kitchen, gas cooktop, two ovens, microwave, dishwasher, large walk-in pantry, and a little desk for your favorite correspondent.

We also wanted a large walk-in closet (our house in Portland had TWO 10x7 closets). The closet in this house isn't so much a closet... more like a bowling lane?

It is 20 feet long!

Best thing (besides great pool/spa, huge closet and kitchen)? There isn't an inch of carpet in the entire house. All travertine. Gorgeous.

I'm standing in the living room, looking through the dining room
(the dining table will sit under the ceiling fan), past the bar...
and into what will be the family room. The kitchen is to the left,
behind the bar - the pool is through all the sliders on the right.

So that is a quick tour. No photos of the beautiful stacked stone fireplace in the living room because there is a massive television on the wall (not on the fireplace!) that needs to go away before sharing. (Not attractive.)

Appetizer plate: (while watching golf on TV in our RV)
Penne with red pepper and one Italian sausage - topped with basil

Until my next update, I remain, your busy correspondent.

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  1. Wow, you picked a beautiful, warm place even with nothing in it! Its going to be fantastic!

  2. Great choice! The Travetine floors – The pool – sigh- be still my heart….Thanks for the pics!

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