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24 April: Friday

Juneau, Alaska: The official temperature in Indio today was 102°! If you don’t get up very early to exercise, you probably should not exercise, people! I heard a bus leave around 4:30a, and another bus left mid-morning. (These are just the two RVs we noticed/heard. The “official” count from the RV resort claims 166 coaches (of 400 campsites) are here. Maybe 100 of them are unoccupied? Dave and I need to do our own official count? My vote is: GHOST TOWN.

Lisa set us up with a delivery of fresh-frozen wild-caught fish from Alaska. I received an email from the company stating our fish would be delivered “by end of day” Friday (today). I even planned our evening meal from the Barefoot Contessa - Salmon Teriyaki & Broccolini - around the delivery... but I was soooo worried because of the extreme temperature! (There was a chicken back-up plan.)

Cheeses, veggies, pickles, olives, fruits, nuts, and a pink cocktail

We had long-ago finished our Cosmopolitan cocktails that David Leibovitz made the other day on his Instagram feed. I am pretty sure I have not made a Cosmo since 1999, but they sounded refreshing and they were. Leibovitz also includes a rosemary nut recipe to serve with the cocktails, but, I am pretty sure this recipe is the same concoction as The Contessa’s Rosemary Cashews (amiright?).

So, anyway, cocktails and appetizer plates long finished, when the FexEx truck stopped in front of our campsite to deliver a box reading “FROZEN SEAFOOD FROM ALASKA” all over the box. The driver was so worried that he had just delivered a box of stinky, mushy, spoiled fish, he asked us to open it up for his inspection. We did, and every piece of (individually frozen and vacuum-sealed) fish was FROZEN SOLID! Amazing... did I mention it was 102 degrees here today. We were very impressed.

I immediately transferred the fish - cod, halibut, sockeye & coho salmon - to the RV freezer, retaining two portions of sockeye for our dinner tonight. I popped tonight’s fish in a sink filled with water and it thawed very quickly.

The fish was very nice, and quite meaty for sockeye (it can be a bit thin). Six ounce portions were more than enough for us. When I ordered, they gave me a coupon code to share, giving $25 off. We signed up for a box to be delivered every two months, but you can cancel at any time, or reschedule. (I can’t even imagine how hot it would be in Indio in July!) It isn’t cheap, that is for sure, but we are very impressed so far. Click here to use the code. A nice treat... especially when we aren’t spending money on anything else.

I followed the teriyaki salmon recipe exactly... but used broccoli instead of broccolini (because the Instacart crew brought us a wheelbarrow-load of broccoli this week. A really great meal and no leftovers.

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.

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  1. Always enjoy your posts! Was hoping your recipe section
    would come back. Still working on it?
    Any luck on the house hunting front?
    We are tired of the shelter at home but know we are
    blessed to be healthy and have enough supplies unlike
    many others. Trying times .

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