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23 April: Thursday

Eugene, Oregon: The temperatures are officially in the triple digits! The cows are leaving the city! Pretty soon, only DT and I will be left in this resort.

Today is my bike-riding day. I rode six miles. I think My Driver rode 16 miles and I think he was out only 30 minutes longer than me. He has really long legs?

The BIG THING on the agenda today - an appointment, people! - was a 5p ZOOM chat with Leo, Lenny and their neighbor, Joe, to watch the NFL draft and cheer-on Leo’s favorite player of all time - Oregon QB, Justin Herbert. There was some sort of a draft pool thing going on (which at the time of this writing, Leo was winning), and there was a lot of smack-talk between Lenny and Joey (both with Ohio family).

I was in the outdoor kitchen at 3p, starting to roast a lamb shank, so really didn’t have many chores (besides turning the shank at 5p) until it was ready to shred at 7p.

DT had a nice appetizer plate to enjoy the first few rounds of the draft:

Here is DT with his laptop situated for his ZOOM conference call/NFL draft thing. If I sat next to him, I could see Lenny and Leo in their family room in Los Angeles... and their neighbor, Joe... and occasionally Joe’s kids/wife when they wandered into the room. Lucy and Lisa would pop in and out of the screen. So nice to “see” everyone again!

Before the Chargers had their pick, Leo ran into his room to don his Justin Herbert signed helmet. It did the trick! The Oregon quarterback was chosen 6th in the draft by the Los Angeles Chargers!


Unless there are after-market trades, maybe Leo can see his favorite player at a game in Los Angeles? Assuming there is a season this fall.

It was an odd draft. Players were filmed in (usually) their parent’s living rooms, instead of a ballroom in New York City. Coaches were captured via video feed from their offices (or maybe their basements?). Players were not wearing suits. Most everyone was in their lockdown-layer casual attire. A very different vibe.

I did not take a photo of our gorgeous lamb shank (just one, shredded) that I served over mashed potatoes., garnished with fresh mint from our garden pots. It was too dark. We didn’t eat until well past eight o’clock.

Leo is happy with Herbert going to a Los Angeles team. I am proud he went 6th in the draft. A great day to be a Duck.

Until my next update, I remain your GO DUCKS correspondent.

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  1. Fun to see Leo & Lenny so excited about Justin Herbert!
    I bet Grampa Dave will be happy to go to a Chargers game with Leo too
    Love lamb shanks, how did you fix it? Please share the recipe

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