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22 May: Friday

Manila, Philippines: We popped-over to Manila tonight for dinner, but otherwise had a very normal day. I walked four miles, DT rode his bike a zillion miles. A company is inside our resort trimming palm trees this week. The trimming occurs twice a year, and it takes several “cherry picker” trucks to conquer all the trees and it takes them DAYS.

We enjoyed a beautiful day, only 90-ish, with little wind until the evening.

This afternoon we again met our realtor (masks/gloves/hand-san) at a house we have visited before. This house was going to be THE HOUSE. I fell in love with this house on-line several months ago and it ticked every box, but sadly went over one box: it was over our square feet maximum size point.

Livin’ Large!

Buying a house in a pandemic is quite an ordeal. So many sellers have taken their houses off the market (I assume so they will not have the general public traipsing through their homes?), so inventory is reduced. Every time we find a house to possibly visit, it is sold before we can even tour the property. So frustrating! We were ready to make an offer on a house and it was leased for a year!

You snooze; you lose.

After touring through the original dream house today, I can’t understand why we didn’t just buy it months ago, and can’t believe it has not sold. Our realtor is going to crunch a few numbers for us and maybe we can make a deal. It is still too large, but every other box on our wish-list is checked with this house, so everyone please cross your fingers, toes and eyes.

Speaking of eyes - I have a stye on my upper lid. 64 years old and my first stye. Happily, or maybe sadly, it is in my blind eye, so I have no idea what is going on, except it hurts. I am supposed to keep a warm compress and apply “stye” drops, so that is what is happening. It feels like there is a grain of rice in my eye.

Fun times.

This thing had better go away, because there is no way I am going to a doctor during a pandemic.

Since we spent so much time exploring every nook and cranny of the property for sale, we did not return back to the RV until well-past cocktail hour. Alors! I sautéed the rest of the cabbage (that was supposed to have been iceberg lettuce according to the Instacart shopper!) with red pepper, soy sauce, fish sauce, garlic and vinegar and tossed it with noodles (a very Filipino offering), and served it with Pacific cod that had been steamed in ginger and sesame.

Black sesame seed garnish

Nice meal, with only a cucumber and tomato salad (dressed in rice vinegar and salt). Boring.

We are both so sleepy tonight - too much time with a tape measure in the Possible Dream House? Too much exercise?

SIDE NOTE: People who have been out golfing to resort and public courses around the Coachella Valley report there are baby geese everywhere on these courses - and the offspring are not really babies any longer. Though there are at least a dozen pair of geese in our resort - and they are acting so protective - I have no idea what they are protecting. No goslings to be found at the Motorcoach Country Club.

Until my next update, I remain “no one better buy that house tomorrow” correspondent.

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  1. Terry, if you are willing to try a drug store there is little tubes of “Stye” medicine (clear, looks like Vaseline). Rub it on eyelid. That’s what we use and it always helps clear it up and also helps the annoying feeling of a stone in your eye!
    Your dinner looked really good!

    1. We stopped to a drug store after touring the house and bought exactly that brand. It was in drop-form, and is already working well + hot compresses. So much better already. Thank you.

  2. Just out of curiosity, have you considered something up near Lake Arrowhead of Big Bear? Your summers would be quite a bit cooler, and you could leave your “bus” where it is for the winter. Or maybe just a lot up there where you could build a summer casita, and move the “bus” up the hill.

  3. Terry,
    Thank you for posting here every day. You are so helpful with cooking ideas during this miserable time. Not that I am anywhere as skilled as you! I hope you have good luck finding a home. You have been an inspiration to me for years as we are also passionate RV dwellers. Recently we downsized to a class B and are learning to live in miniature after our 30 foot Earthbound. It’s always fun! Thank you!

  4. Buying a house is stressful enough…can’t imagine the added “fun” of mixing a pandemic to the process! We’re sending positive thoughts your way that this house is “it” – in every way for you and DT!

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