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21 May: Thursday

Bologna, Italy: We are staying in Bologna another night because we only finished half of the lasagna last night... and lasagna is just too too much for lunch. So - leftovers!

I went on a cleaning binge today, cleaning out drawers (all those crumbs in the cutlery tray), organizing our over-filled pantry, dusting. Dusting is a daily obligation in the desert. The cupboards in the outdoor kitchen were also wiped-down and all the glassware put through the dishwasher. The dust!

We actually had an appointment today. So exciting. Another “cocktail hour” with a few of Dave’s college roommates. Our hour ran into two hours, and we enjoyed every second. It was either too early for a cocktail (us) or too late for a cocktail (Chicago peeps), but we made it work. Again, we were able to have a momentary sighting of a daughter. (There isn’t a son amongst this group.) Sierra, off to the University of Oregon in the fall (we hope?), suffering through no prom and no pomp and no circumstance. So sad for all the seniors this year... but Sierra was happy to chat for a bit with old Ducks this evening. Soon, Sierra will be a member of the flock.


It was so much fun to catch-up again with our wonderful friends of 47 years.

Since tonight’s dinner was an exact copy of last night’s, I do not need to show a photo. It looked the same as last night, but, of course, lasagna is always better the second night.

Until my next update, I remain, your repetitive correspondent.