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12 April: Sunday

Bali, Indonesia: Another day in the books. Oh, Dear Reader, this confinement is getting very difficult, and probably another month to go. Please stay home and stay safe! My Driver is such a busy and active person and I feel this sheltering-in-place is much more difficult for him than it is for me.

Our only “getting out of The Bubble” moment is when a new interesting house pops-up for sale on Redfin. I mean, it is one thing to shop for a blouse on-line, but completely another thing to shop for a house on-line. You can send the blouse back if it does not suit your tastes. Hopefully we will soon be able to inspect the few favorites we have found. Hopefully. Soon.

Until about 3p, when the winds picked up, the weather was perfect today. High 70’s and sunshine. Dave rode his bicycle a zillion times around the resort, while I walked. When he had finished his ride, Dave joined me for one more lap walking, and we also looped through both (now closed) golf courses. We heard there were pelicans on the golf course, but did not see them today. We did see ducks, geese, grey herons, night herons and green herons.

The above photo was taken from the “forward” tees on the west golf course, looking south.

I see you, Mexico!

The clouds were trying to part to the west, so we could see the San Jacinto mountains - completely covered in snow. In April!

My Garden

One of the romaine “roots” I had been sprouting for Barbie and Ken began looking a bit dodgy. I pitched it, but “planted” two more romaine stems last night. Think good thoughts. The green onions continue to thrive.

I fancied-up the remaining smoked lox spread this evening by placing it on cucumber rounds instead of matzo crackers, and garnishing the canapés with fresh dill. We are living large! The appetizer plates tonight also included dried figs, walnuts, Havarti cheese cubes, and green olives. Obviously, I just rotate-out the same dang things over and over and over and over and over. Get it?

Our entree was creamy polenta, topped with sautéed mushrooms. This dish was made with 1/2 cup Bob’s Red Mill polenta and two cups of homemade chicken stock (from the other night), and finished with a little butter and Parmesan. This dish can be made vegetarian/vegan by simply switching out the stock for veggie broth or water and using a plant-based margarine - and, sadly, no cheese. The “baby Bella” mushrooms were purchased already sliced (I am so lazy) and sautéed in olive oil with shallots and garlic and fresh thyme from our herb pot. Though simple, this dish does require a lot of stirring (polenta) and stirring (sautéing the mushrooms). Luckily, all of these tasks can be completed while sipping on a glass of wine and, let’s face it, it’s not like I am busy.

A “composed” salad is just like a tossed salad that you do not toss. The last of the romaine, sliced tomato, sliced hearts of palm and black olives for garnish... or a pop of color. Whatever. It was a good salad, dressed in an anchovy vinaigrette.

Dave and I (mostly I) started watching Belgravia on EPIX tonight. Belgravia is written by the same writer behind Downton Abbey, Julian Fellows, so you know it is going to be good. It was.

I can’t wait for the next episode... except I will. There isn’t much else to do.

Until my next exciting update, I remain, your stirring correspondent.

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  1. Oh, glad you liked Belgravia! I saw an ad for it and was wondering. Not sure we get EPIX?? Never heard of it.

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