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11 April: Saturday

Florence, Italy: The rain stopped around 4a and we woke to a bright sunny morning. My goodness, it was like it was a brand-new quarantine with the warm sun! We had a late lazy morning with our coffees, but then DT headed out on his bike and I headed out with my camera (NOT my iPhone camera) to capture a few shots of the snow.

Snow. In April.

The above photo looks straight out from the rear of our motorhome - south to Mexico. Even when we have snow in January or February, we can’t recall it ever falling so low (or so dense) on the Santa Rosa Mountains. Beautiful!

And looking directly west (towards Los Angeles) the snow again completely covers the crests of Mt. San Jacinto. It’s not only Crazy Times, it is Crazy Weather Times!

Back at our homestead, things are looking good again. We had to sweep up quite a bit of debris, and it will take a day or so our poor golf cart to dry out, but the pansies adore all the rain.

We really are blessed to be able to spend so much time outside (if you forget the past three days!) during our confinement. As long as we are stuck at home, we are happy to be here. Dave noticed two more coaches leaving today.

And then there were none.

And we still have this amazing view north to Joshua Tree National Park. Ever wonder why I never show the view to the east? We can’t see to the east.

We had visitors today! Another visit from Mary and Captain Jim. They arrived with scissors and a plastic bag. Mary wanted some of our most-prolific rosemary for her leg of lamb. We all remained at a good 10-foot distance. It was nice to see them though! We also FaceTimed with the kids, my sister, and Brother Rick, and talked to my Dad. Everyone is doing well. Going a little crazy though. Aren’t we all?

Is this a great appetizer photo, or what? I was sidetracked with all the FaceTiming! Still, a few potato chips are a wonderful treat. No martinis during Passover anyway, but we can still be happy with wine during Happy Hour.

Dinner was steak. One sirloin, split between us. Though this sucker looks well-done, let me tell you, it was bleeding. I am a “medium” girl, and could only eat the bit on the end. Too raw for me. My Drive (who is also my Grill Master) thought it was perfect.

Happily, My Grill Master has a perfect command of vegetables.

And we had a Caesar Salad.

The evening concluded by the fire pit, listening to music and watching the stars. Until my next update, I remain, your beefy correspondent.

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  1. Now. there’s MY type of appetizer! Steve might be lucky enough to get that tonight. 🤣 Maybe.

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