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11 May: Monday

Guadalajara, Mexico: Day 57 of our quarantine could not have been a less exciting day, unless we were going to watch paint dry. Okay, that was a bad analogy, because it was nearly 100 degrees today and paint would have dried in 15 seconds.

Again, Dave rode his bike 15 miles, then walked around the resort to find me and walk a few miles with me. Six (that we know of) additional motorcoaches left today. A few were of the occupied sort that we counted yesterday, but we think a few were taken-away by owners or storage facilities. Either way, 6 more gone.

The highlight of the day was a delivery of an indoor-outdoor carpet ordered WEEKS AND WEEKS ago for the living area of the casita. The old rug (7-8 years old) needed to be replaced about two years ago. It was time. We ordered something just a little-less drab, and something with a bit of red to pick-up the color of the brick walls inside our outdoor living space.

David spent the afternoon hosing-off all the outdoor furniture, vacuuming, and preparing the room for her new rug. Hopefully all of the folds will fall-away soon?

I cannot state while DT was tidying, I was busy preparing a gourmet meal. I was not. Since the theme this week centers around getting stuff out of the jam-packed freezer, I only needed to thaw a vacuum-sealed packet of grilled chicken asada, chop a little red onion and cilantro, and make a fruit salad. Fifteen minutes later, dinner was ready.

Appetizers were extra-crispy individual nachos, made with cheddar and fresh jalapeño slices... that nearly melted our tongues. Oops. Slice the chilies thinner next time, Terry.

I heated the chicken on the stove, and served the tacos street-style - with only onion and cilantro. Limes for squeezing. Radishes for crunch.


Fresh fruits served as a combo salad+dessert.

Do we have something exciting planned for tomorrow?

No. We do not.

Until my next update, I remain, your exterior decorated correspondent.

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  1. We just got a new rug for our living room about a week ago and the wrinkles are going away–slowly.

  2. I am really enjoying your daily updates! It’s nice to know how others are “filling in their days” and I love the ideas you come up with for appetizers and dinners! Inspiring!

  3. Update on Mini-Romain?
    Did I miss it, or did the babies ever grow to fill your salad bowl from the clipping you were nursing along?

    1. Only enough to feed Barbie and Ken, and with the lock-down, we couldn’t invite them over!

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