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10 May: Sunday

Indio, California: Apparently we have returned from our four-night trip to San Diego, where we attended a Rolling Stones concert. I bet we would have really enjoyed ourselves... if it ever happened... which, of course, it did not.

Dave and I walked together this morning, with a plan to walk up/down every street in the resort to count the number of coaches that are actually occupied. So many people leave their RVs here all year these days. They do hire a person/service to check the interior every day/week, but still - it gets up to 115+ degrees in August. Ouch. (Says the woman with absolutely no where to go in August.)

By our count: 35 attended rigs today. Meaning, about 70 or so people. 35 occupied sites of 400 sites. Now you understand why I say ghost town? I do appreciate that our crack security staff are still out patrolling every few moments. Protecting us.

The yucca are blooming! So beautiful - and SO WHITE! This is such a wonderful sight to witness in the desert in the spring.

After our scientific walk and lunch, we spent a few hours looking (via Redfin/Zillow) at the houses we had driven-past yesterday. Nothing caused us to bite. The one monster house we I liked nearby has been taken off the market (via a one-year lease). I am pretty-sure we will not wait one year for that house. Why doesn’t the perfect house present herself to us? Though there are many houses for sale in the Coachella Valley, so many have been removed during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Understandable. Would you want random people traipsing through your house right now? No!)

All I want is a kitchen with a house attached.

We again had 10-foot-away visitors this evening, as Mary & Captain Jim came down to snip a bit of our rosemary. The bush is nearly resembling a tree at this point in time. Or should I say thyme? The rosemary is in a pot with a massive thyme plant.

No idea about the parsley and sage.

Our appetizers tonight were vegan:

Because our dinner was NOT.

My goal for the upcoming week is to use as much stuff as possible from our over-stuffed freezer. Everything. Must. Go.

There was a pie crust (of the frozen Pillsbury sort, don’t judge) that was taking-up too much real estate, and a puffy bag of frozen spinach that was as big as a throw pillow. Didn’t take long to think: quiche. A bit of old shredded mozzarella. Two slices of turkey bacon that needed to be used. A bit of goat cheese. Done.

It was not gourmet, but was still quite satisfying. Cheese, eggs, and vegetables. Enough for lunch tomorrow.

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Mother’s Day. It was an odd Mother’s Day. So many of us were without our children/grandchildren/Mothers. It’s awful, but it is okay. Better to be safe.

I was able to FaceTime with Lisa and her family. Better than nothing and so thankful to live in a time where we have instant video technology, and the ability to see our family in real-time. Lucy hanging on her mom’s lap, always snacking on something. Leo filling up the blow-up pool in their garden.

And always remembering when we had to place a call with the international operator (land line, peeps!) from Manila in 1980, and wait up to 12 hours to call our moms. We both miss our mothers so much on this day - and every day.

Until my next update, I remain, your thankful correspondent.