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Out of the Rain

Red Bluff, California: Another day of southerly driving. Rain pelted our roof all night. The sound is quite pleasant while sleeping, but is a complete 'nother thing if you want to exercise. Happily for me, Saturday is my day of rest (do not note that I have rested the past two days as well due to cold rain). DT slogged up to the fitness center and rode a broken exercise bike for an hour. Not another soul was in the fitness center, but he said there were many people swimming in the indoor heated pool.

The Oregon Ducks were hosting (and later, completely crushing, 52-29) the Colorado Buffaloes this afternoon at Autzen Stadium in Eugene. Sierra's parents (and Sierra) were there. So many of our friends were there, and several of our friends grandchildren were there! So fun!

See? It's not only me with gorgeous grandchildren!

We left Canyonville after ten o'clock and didn't stop until we had crossed into California. There is a nice overlook (no services) with a great view to Mt. Shasta (not today - clouds), just before Yreka. I had popped the remaining lasagna in the oven 30 minutes prior, so we had a nice lunch while resting and getting the Duck football game situated on the satellite radio. A great lunch at a great spot with pretty views.

So many cars honked at our Duck bus today. They were probably so confused we were traveling south on a game day? As we traveled around Weed, we were finally able to see Mt. Shasta and she was covered in a powdered-sugar dusting of snow. After we cleared the mountains, the rain ceased and we saw the sun.

We didn't stop again until we reached Red Bluff and our reserved campsite at the Red Bluff KOA. This RV Park was formally the Durango RV Resort and we have stayed here countless times (only once for more than one night - when we drove to Mt. Lassen National Park in our car.

After settling-in, we decided to walk to the next-door grocer for Halloween candy. Not necessarily expecting trick-or-treaters at our next stop, but I don't want to be empty-handed if there is a knock on our door. We bought individual packs of M&M's because we know two little kids who like this candy, just in case we are skunked. There was a sign on the grocer door stating that no-matter your vaccination status, a mask was required to enter the store. While we were in the store, we heard announcements over the speakers that masks were required. Other than the store staff, DT and I were the ONLY shoppers wearing masks. What the hell? Our check-out clerk (masked-up and vaccinated) said the store could not force customers to wear masks, nor ask them to prove their vaccination status. She just shook her head - and made a comment about risking her life for her job.

I had prepped our dinner last night in Canyonville. Sheet-Pan Roasted Chicken With Pears and Arugula from the New York Times. (The recipe may be behind a paywall.) After reading the comments (always read the comments!), I adjusted/pared-down the recipe and marinated three (you could use four) chicken thighs (with bones and skin) in salt, pepper, ½ teaspoon red-pepper flakes, 1 teaspoon cumin, 1 teaspoon coriander, 1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger, and 3 tablespoons olive oil. Everything was placed in a zip-top bag and left overnight in the fridge. While I heated the oven, one pear was quartered and cored (not peeled) and tossed with the chicken and marinade. The entire mess was roasted at 425 degrees (recipe calls for 450 but that is asking a lot for my RV oven) for 25-30 minutes. Then I added a handful of pepitas (pumpkin seeds) onto the pan. After a short rest, arugula was sprinkled over the chicken and lemon juice was drizzled over. A great one-pan meal. (NOTE: I had juiced a lemon last night, because citrus is the #1 item confiscated at the California Agricultural Station just over the border... but not today.)

Roasting fruit is a very good thing - especially in the fall.

Until my next spooky post, I remain, your California correspondent.

RV PARK: Red Bluff KOA Journey - (Previously Durango RV Resort). Right on the freeway and a river. 166 full-service pull-through, front-in and back-in sites. Pool, hot tub, lodge, wifi, laundry, bathhouse, sports complex. We paid $82! Ouch.

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  1. We have traded the sun for the rain, though mostly sunny here at Seven Feathers some rain we have had. Passed you while you were at the vista point – we did toot our horns as we passed seeing your beautiful coach perched on the hill! Safe travels to you and hope that the coach is running well with all its new fixes and preventative maintenance! Take care.

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