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Pointed South

Canyonville, Oregon: Y'all knew we were only traveling 100 miles (exactly) today. You knew we would be stopping for the night at Seven Feathers RV Resort. You also knew we would be dining on my homemade lasagna and that we would not be visiting the on-site casino. We are so predictable. A good thing.

It was pouring rain again this morning, so I did not walk. DT jogged a bit, but it was so cold and wet, his old bones were not happy. Like an alarm went off, at 10:30a every RV in our row decided to back-out and depart the Premier RV Resort at the same time. With a football game Saturday night, this park is FULL for the next few days. RV Rodeo, complete with one camper with totally dead engine and house batteries. Bummer, but they are in the perfect town for a RV repair! We left the campground, but stopped at the local interstate interchange to fuel-up before entering I-5. A fellow traveler asked Dave if he was in town for the game (i.e. Big Oregon "O" painted on the rear of our bus), only to learn we were headed south instead of to the Autzen Stadium parking lot. Just a few days of pouring rain reminded us why we do not enjoy Oregon in the fall/winter.

We will listen to the Oregon v Colorado game on the radio tomorrow during our drive south.

Two hours after leaving the fueling station, we arrived to Seven Feathers RV Resort at exit 99 on I-5. Barely after one o'clock, but they let us check-in early and we were escorted to a site on the outskirts of the resort, with no neighbors. Quiet and nice. The trees are absolutely fantastically colored this week:

These leaves are only pretty because I do not have to rake them.

A few years ago, this resort added a row of camper cabins. I haven't checked them out yet, but they look very nice.

Our afternoon was so quiet, we actually played a game of Scrabble. I so won. It's always fun when we play Scrabble. We both do the New York Times crossword puzzle each day, and I play Words With Friends with my gal-pals. We should be better, but we are not. One of us (not me) is super competitive. One of us (not me) studied Latin for years, and that alone is an advantage in word games.

By the time I fired-up the oven for our lasagna, nearly every site in this campground was full. Campers began arriving about three o'clock. Not sure if they are over-nighting (Halloween weekend?) or, like us, are travelers.

The lasagna prepped yesterday served us well this evening (with a Caesar salad) and will also be our lunch tomorrow. There is a baseball game (World Series) on the television. Hopefully the rain will let-up so I can get in a good walk tomorrow (this RV park is a great place to walk and they also have a full fitness center and indoor pool/spa) before we continue south to California.

Until my next update, I remain, your soggy correspondent.

RV PARK: Seven Feathers RV Resort - seriously one of the best RV parks in America. So nice and clean and every amenity you could want. We paid $61.56 with our (free to join) casino players card. This card also has a discount at the (tribe-associated) truck stop/gas station for fuel.

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  1. Will be at Seven Feathers tomorrow afternoon, it is a great place to stay. We landed in Lodi this afternoon from Indio. We will most likely pass at some point tomorrow and will give the horns on our Country Coach a toot 😎

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