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Six Six

La Quinta, California: When I left you, it was Ten Ten and we were celebrating it up. Ten days later, and I am now 66 and getting ready to drive up to Oregon to fetch our bus. Time flies when you are busy.

I had a great birthday, even though it was just me and DT. I walked 6.6 miles in the morning and cooked my own dinner - filet mignon, luxurious au gratin (3!) potatoes and green beans. Dessert was vanilla ice cream with fresh passion fruit scooped on-top. Perfect.

Fancy apps: onion sandwiches rolled in parsley garnish, and anchovy butter with radishes.

Yep, same candles from Dave's 66th in April. Should we flip/repurpose them for our 99th?

The 4 L's sent fancy chocolates.

Then, as if that wasn't enough, our neighbor, Jill, baked a 4-layer (chocolate and almond) cake for me! Happily we shared with other neighbors, but a huge hunk still came home with me. Isn't Jill just the sweetest (pun intended)?

We are going to stop in Los Angeles for a few days on our way to Oregon. We have not been to Los Angeles since - get this - March 2020! We all went into COVID lock-down just a few days after we returned to Indio.

After bailing our bus out from Cummins, we will reverse our route, taking a few extra days to enjoy her new purring engine and perfect new brakes. We have a few exciting stops planned on our southern route. Follow along!

Until my next update, I remain, your aging correspondent.

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  1. Happy Birthday! You are a month younger than me. I’m glad you’re getting a vacation out of this RV ordeal. Have a great time 🙂

  2. Save those number candles. In just 3 years you can use them, and you only have to turn one number upside down! Then save them for 96 and 99. By then the wax will be gone or almost gone and maybe you can pass them on to great grandchildren.

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