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First Stop

Los Angeles, California: As I wrote in my last post, Dave and I had not been to LA since March 2020. The kids always came to us during the pandemic. Zoom School with a Pool. But it had been too long since we had seen the kids. Between our two RV trips in Eugene, their two summer trips - we couldn't get together. The grandkids are back in school now. I mean they actually physically go to school all day (wearing masks). Lucile has started a new school, and the kids (and the adults) are quite pleased with how the school year is shaping up for both children.

Leo and Lucy's lives are returning a bit to normal. When we arrived Friday evening, we knew Leo and Lucile wouldn't even be here. They were off for a sleepover with their cousins. Finally! Lenny's sister has two boys and the children had hardly been able to see each other the past year. Reunited at last. So, the adults had a nice quiet evening and went to a wonderful (and new to us) restaurant with only outdoor seating. (Lisa pointed out to me before we arrived it is REAL outdoor dining, not parking-lot outdoor dining. Lisa is so tired of eating in parking lots. Momed proved to be a delicious treat, with interesting small-plate options. Too many tempting choices, so I hope we can go back again sometime soon.

Leo and Lucile returned to us Saturday morning and we all attended Leo's flag football game. Yep, even organized sports are returning in Los Angeles. Leo is defensive captain on his team; Lenny is assistant coach. They play on a field, that according to Lisa, is "between a freeway, an electric plant, haz-mat recycling, and the LA River" so where else would a city decide to place soccer fields??? And, another constant in LA: acres of playing fields for hundreds of kids, and 40 parking spots.

I maybe have not been to a flag football game in over 60 years, but I did enjoy the game. It's like football, without the head-banging. Dave, Lisa, Lucile, and I cheered for Leo and his team.

Leo's job is to get to the opposing quarterback and either knock the ball out of his hand, or rip his "flag" belt off. Leo did a great job, and they won with a score of 50-something to teen-something (I can't remember) and score-keeping isn't so important. However, over in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl stadium, where score-keeping is seriously encouraged, the Oregon Ducks beat the UCLA Bruins 34-31.

It was a fun afternoon. Though rain threatened, and we brought umbrellas that were never needed.

Lisa made a wonderful braised salmon dinner, served with rice, and roasted cauliflower and brussels sprouts. Everyone cleaned their plates, so I served the big wedge of my birthday cake Jill made me last week. (I froze it.) The monster-tall four-layer chocolate cake survived the trip and no longer exists. The kids wanted to watch a "scary" movie because it is nearing Halloween. The movies suggested were far too scary for Lucy, so she and Lisa went to bed. The rest of us watched "Gremlins" which really isn't too scary, and really isn't very good. At all. It does, however (which I had completely forgotten) star Hoyt Axton. Trivia: Axton, who died in 1999, wrote "Joy to the World" (aka Jerimiah Was a Bullfrog) at his "cabin" on the North Umpqua River near Glide, Oregon.

More excitement planned for Sunday!

Until my next update, I remain, your sporty correspondent.