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Strudel & More Schnitzel

Vienna, Austria: We've had a 30-degree change in the weather. There is this thing called a "jacket" and I rummaged around in my suitcase to find one. 66° for the high today in the Austrian capital, but it was only sixty degrees when we left our hotel in search of my favorite strudel - served at the famed Landtmann. (PS: we will not be visiting Cafe Central this week, as it is closed for a remodel.)

Rathaus and Burgtheater in Vienna
View from the square in front of Landtmann

From here we could see the Rathaus (City Hall, tall spire in center of above photo) and the Burgtheater on the left. With the quick change in weather, the only people dining on the covered terrace at Landtmann this morning were the smokers.

Interior is very beautiful

Due to our long sleep overnight (yeah us!), we were late for the breakfast crowd and early for lunch. By the time our coffees arrived, we had the place nearly to ourselves. First, coffees:

Melange at Landtmann
Melange (it's an Austrian cappuccino).
Dave had breads with strawberry jam, and an egg.
Mrs. T had the lox and horseradish cream, with an English muffin.
Landtmann strudel
Then we split the strudel
Exiting the café, we passed the tempting dessert display.

More walking after our "brunch" stop. We found a beautiful covered passage way... and another random square featuring yet another fabulous statue.

Freyung Passage Vienna
Freyung Passage

It drizzled much of the afternoon, but we still covered our steps walking around town, snapping photos of beautiful Vienna.

Old Stadt Vienna
Strolling in Old Town Vienna
St. Stephen
Another view of St. Stephen Church -
note the beautiful roof tiles.

More walking in the drizzle and more window licking. We found a few shops selling traditional Austrian dress - Drindl skirts and lederhosen. (Did not purchase.)

Time for to us get out of the rain. Time for more coffee and a slice of famous Viennese chocolate cake. We stepped into Sluka Conditorei for coffee and shared a slice of Sacher torte.

We are so European now!

On the way back to the hotel, we again passed by Sisi's old place... er, I mean palace, presently known as the Sisi Museum (or Hofburg), the home of the Austrian and Hungarian Empress, Sisi.

Sisi Museum
It's not a dump

While reconstructing the squares in front and behind the palace (Michaelerplatz), workers found so many ruins from the Roman military and civilian settlement, known as Vindobona. This camp was the border (Danube River between the Roman and Germanic nations and housed 30,000 people. The ruins are going to be left exposed for all to see, enjoy, and learn from.

Interior courtyard (behind the palace) has two entry gates,
each with a statue of Hercules completing one of his tasks on either side.
Sisi Castle
Another statue/fountain in the palace interior.

More interesting window displays on the way back to our hotel - this time at a fancy children's clothing shop.

Animal children in Burberry
Cafe Central
And, the famed Café Central - near our hotel.

Barely time for DT to have his morning work-out (at 5p) before we headed out for our evening Weiner schnitzel odyssey. We walked less than a mile to the newly-remodeled Figlmüller restaurant - another place famous for Weiner schnitzel (but of the pork variety). They also vend the veal variety, and we were wise enough to only order one... plus delicious potatoes absolutely dripping in butter and parsley. Their schnitzel was very good... but still not as good as the version from last night. (NOTE: people were lined up down the block to enter this huge establishment. I had made a reservation weeks ago, so just walked in like I owned the place... with much sour faces from the people I passed at the door. We were seated within 15 seconds. The entire time we were dining there were masses lined up outside the door... and when we left, there were still 40 people in line.)

Figlmuller potatoes Vienna
Figlmuller Potatoes
Figlmuller Kalb Schnitzel
Figlmuller Kalb Schnitzel (two pieces)

Note to Curious Readers: we have been to Vienna before, so felt no need to tour the palace, churches, food markets, museums, castles, etc., again. Most other things, such as the Opera and the horse show are closed at this time. We just wanted a few days to rest after the World Championships in beautiful Vienna.

But, another mile walk back to our hotel after dinner. So much for a rest day. Early to bed and early to rise for us. We continue on our rail adventure in the morning. Until my next update, I remain, your "I need fruits and vegetables" correspondent.

Pedometer: 14,000 steps. Pretty good for a rest day.

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  1. I’m loving reading your blog . So nice to meet you and Dave at the world athletics championships in Budapest. Enjoy the rest of your travels in Europe.

  2. I had to laugh at your picture of traditional Austrian clothing. When we were there years ago in late fall, the plazas were filled with pedestrians ~ all wearing the distinctive green felt jackets. I was so inspired, I purchased one…an it’s become a favorite, timeless classic. So, sometimes you CAN go native!

    Thanks for your blog – it’s awesome!

  3. Hey kids, I didn’t get time to see the Lipizzaner Stallions in Vienna. It would have cost me a morning and a day of missing the track meet. Perhaps in another life. I couldn’t leave Budapest until today, now home … took a four hour tour around the City the day after the meet with another writer. Afterward I revisited Gellert Hill and the Citadella where we stayed for the European Championships in 1998. Yes, they actually had a hotel room up there for this crowd of former Ducks. I also took a long bath at the elegant Gellert Thermal Bath. Next day it was a visit to the Fine Arts Museum at Hero’s Square followed by the House of Terror Museum and dinner at Ape Regina in center city. It rained that morning, thunder, and then the afternoon was lovely. Thanks for your travel musings and photos! They add so much to my return visit to Budapest.

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