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Golfing at Agate Beach

Newport, Oregon: Our adventure of the day was to golf at Agate Beach Golf Course. It was an interesting excursion due to the course being only 9 holes, and there was a serious back-up at the turn. Whatever. The weather wasn't terrible, and they didn't pair us with another two-some. We played the front nine in one hour and thirty minutes; the second nine took quite a bit longer. For two players (18 holes - playing the nine-holer twice, including a cart) it was only $102.

Funny thing: the cart was a gas cart. I can't even remember the last time we had a gas-powered golf cart. Didn't even think they still existed. The top speed on this thing was about 5 miles per hour, and the fairway is so rough, the cart required both an car-sickness bag and a sports bra.

I walked.

Hole 1+10: This course is pretty-much not well maintained. The fairways are free-for-all, and there is a bit of attention paid around the greens. But not much.

Here is My Driver (above) before his drive on the "signature" hole #8. It is a very pretty par-3.

I felt the green on the 6th hole was the prettiest. But no one ever asks me.

Due to the lag-time on the second nine, we became social-distanced best-friends with the family golfing in front of us (from Eugene), and the couple golfing behind us (RVers from Albany, fishing at the Newport Marina RV Park where we camped a few days ago). Small world. We had to wait sometimes up to 15 minutes on the back nine. Ugh. With such long waits, I couldn't wait to get back to our warm motorcoach, and a shower. DT reported I had shot my lowest round (115) in years. (There must be something to say about goat tracks with non-existent sand traps?) DT shot 79.

Back at the ranch, the slow-cooker was waiting with a beef stew. Early this morning, I had browned a bit of beef stew meat (tossed in flour, salt & pepper) with an onion, and a lot of garlic, then added a bit of potato and carrots. A stem of rosemary was buried under the meat and veg and the entire mess was covered with beef stock. The bus smelled pretty dang wonderful when we opened the door after our round.

Again, uninspired appetizers. Don't want to buy too much food as we will not be in our RV long.

A wedge salad is so lazy. (Just like me.) Iceberg and purchased blue cheese dressing. Chopped tomato garnish. Still, nothing better. It's the C R U N C H.

When was the last time I made a beef stew? Maybe the same day we rode in a gas-powered golf cart? Beef stew is so good.

In Los Angeles, Our Lucile tried-on the neoprene suit we gave her for her birthday (because she asked us for a neoprene suit for her birthday). The kids are surfers now. They each have surf boards, and head to the beach many weekends. SoCal kids!

Until my next update, when we plan to visit nature sites along the coast, I remain, your over-par correspondent.

RV PARK: Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort - We have a full hook-up 50 amp site and this resort has everything, including indoor and outdoor pools and beach access. We are paying $120 per night.

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  1. Still laughing that the golf cart needed an air sickness bag and a sports bra hahahahahahahahahaha

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