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Beach Walk

Newport, Oregon: Pacific Shores RV Resort sits on a bluff over the Pacific Ocean. They have constructed a path down to the beach, and at low tide, the beach is miles long. For our exercise this morning, we walked on the beach for four miles. It wasn't very warm (59 degrees), but the misty rain held for our entire walk. Here are a bunch of photos I snapped this morning:

Looking south - this is the end of the beach. Note the large bird on the outcropping - it was a grey heron.
Dead jellyfish. Dave said there were so many tiny jellyfish washed-up on the beach yesterday, he felt like he was jogging on banana peels. We only saw a few this morning.
Can you see the Yaquina Head lighthouse in the foggy mist above the cliff?

This the path up to the campground from the beach. Pretty steep, but not a difficult path.

We saw a juvenile Bald Eagle this morning chomping-away on a Murre. Eagles come here for the free all-you-can-eat Murre buffet offered on all the rocky cliffs in the area in the spring and summer. Sorry, too far away to take a photo. We saw two Grey Herons, a brief of pelicans in flight, and countless gulls. We saw three people and two dogs. A great walk and we returned to the RV as the skies opened. It was a good day to stay inside and watch the Diamond League track meet from Lausanne, Switzerland. Oregon alum, Devon Allen, won the high hurdles - and no one will be surprised Ryan Crouser won the shot.

Staying in, heating up the left-over stew.

Until my next update, I remain, your ornithologic correspondent.

RV PARK: Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort - We have a full hook-up 50 amp site and this resort has everything, including indoor and outdoor pools and beach access. We are paying $120 per night.