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Settling In

Junction City, Oregon: Our plan to hunker-down to avoid the pandemic uptick took a bit of a side-step when we realized upon our arrival last evening we had no hangers in our RV.


When we left Eugene at the end of June - basically throwing everything from our bus into our car in just a few hours - we just carried our clothes to the car on hangers… just the same way we carried our clothing to the bus from our home in La Quinta when we packed for our trip to Oregon for the Olympic Trials. Bringing our clothes in suitcases on this trip omitted one item: hangers.

We had to go to the BB&B this afternoon (they offer curbside pickup) in order to move into our RV. Just what we did not need after so much downsizing: more hangers. Dang.

I did not exercise this morning because I was sleeping! A wonderful thing when an old woman can sleep ten hours. My Driver did not wake me (did he even check if I was breathing?), but left me be. I woke when he returned from his jog. Occasional bliss!

We, again, went through every cabinet, cupboard, and drawer this afternoon. Again. Things no longer needed. Wanted. We have a bag for Goodwill. Knowing we will no longer be “living” in this motorcoach, but only vacationing, changes a few things and makes it easy to downsize.

Before we drove to Eugene to fetch our hangers, I crushed a clove of garlic, minced a handful of fresh basil leaves, and placed them in a bowl with lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, salt/pepper, and a 1/2 cup of olive oil. This salad dressing marinated all day. See below for our dinner salad.

This evening, one hour before cocktail hour, I made cheese puffs. Don’t ask me why, except I am being held hostage in a motorhome, avoiding any non-DT human contact, and needed to cook after a several-day hiatus? David Leibovitz is vacationing in France (as are most Parisians this month) and re-posted his recipe for cheese puffs. It had been quite a while since I had made gougeres, and did happen to have the ingredients in the RV (and you probably do as well: water, butter, pepper, flour, eggs, cheese), so whipped up a batch for our appetizer plate tonight.

They aren’t great warm, but as they cool, the puffs become crisp and so lovely. Enough for the freezer and future cocktail plates.

Dinner tonight was a salad. Greens. Two sliced heirloom tomatoes, kalamata olives, and slivered red onion. A can of cannellini beans was dressed in the vinaigrette and piled into the center of the salad… then it was topped with burrata and garnished with fresh basil... and more if the vinaigrette.

We are not doing anything tomorrow except moving to a different campground. Until my next update, I remain, your puffy correspondent.

RV Park: Bish's (no longer Guaranty). Long pull through sites. Bath house, laundry, store. Behind a Camping World store. We are paying $49.

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