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Fishy Trip

Junction City, Oregon: Dear Reader, we have reached our motorhome in Oregon! She has new brakes and new Freon, and a few other tweaks. We are finally free of hotels, restaurants, and who-knows-who-is-vaccinated-or-not crowds. We left Mendocino Sunday morning before 10a, after receiving another fun (bread pudding) breakfast picnic basket delivered outside our door

We drove north along the California coast on Highway One, which no one should ever attempt if they suffer even a little bit from carsickness or have a vehicle over 24-feet long. It is only a fifty mile drive on Highway 1, before it reaches the more-sane Highway 101, but what a slow winding road. We stopped in Arcata to a grocer, ordered a sandwich from their deli, and carried it to one of our favorite stops in the northern California Redwoods: Elk Prairie. Though we saw hundreds of elk south of the park on Sunday, we haven't seen elk in Elk Prairie for years and years. (In the 90's they hung-out in Elk Prairie by the hundreds.) Still, a beautiful place to detour off the 101 - with flush toilets! - and we shared our sandwich in warm sunshine, away from the few visitors. Here are a few photos from our drive through Elk Prairie before re-joining Highway 101:

Miles of massive Redwoods!

I know there is a drought, but the forest floor was so moist. Everything smelled so good!

Our drive today was very long, and there were several road construction sites where we had to wait a few times for 10 minutes or so (we planned it well as there are no long - 3 hour! - construction holds on Sunday), but we did not reach our last hotel stop until it was getting dark. We pulled into the Bandon Inn, where they are offering social-distancing check-in, pick-up breakfast in-a-bag, no-housekeeping, and basically anything else one could not want . We had a room overlooking the bay, and set-out an appetizer spread that would become our dinner. We never left the room and never saw another soul.

The view from our room.

We were up and out of there very early this morning, stopping in Florence for fish & chips at Homegrown - where they offer outdoor dining... but we had to wait ONE HOUR for our food. Ugh.

It was nearly worth the wait, however, as the (we split this) fish was light and crispy - as were the fries. Still - one hour?

After lunch, we continued to Junction City, Oregon and found the magnificent Magna Peregrinus waiting for us at Premier RV Services. We left her here the end of June. 47 days later, we have returned to claim her again.

Exhausted as we were (and it was 85 degrees in Junction City), we had a delay in retrieving our bus as - GUESS WHAT? - our entry steps would not retract! A tech appeared out of nowhere, crawled under our entry step, and diagnosed the problem in two minutes. While he was replacing a plug-in-thingy, DT unloaded our car into the RV and I headed off the the grocer, list-in-hand. Though my list was a bit extensive (completely empty fridge/pantry), I blazed my way through the store, and drove to the RV park to find DT already set-up in our campsite for the next few days... which... by the way is no longer Guaranty RV Park in Junction City... nor Guaranty RV Sales... nor Guaranty RV anything. Guaranty have been purchased by Bish's and the re-branding happened while we have been away.

Remember that wonderful Sole Meunière I enjoyed in Yountville on Thursday at Bistro Jeanty? Before we left Bandon this morning, we stopped at a fresh fish market on the wharf and they had beautiful sole. We purchased two filets for our cooler and I did my best to recreate the dish tonight in our RV kitchen.

Nailed it! Right down to the mashed potatoes (one russet). Served with roasted asparagus (garnished with a hard boiled egg from our breakfast basket in Bandon!), it was a great meal and a great re-entry to home cooking! So delicious. Way too much fish for me over the past few days, but when in Rome on the Oregon coast...

Tomorrow we rest.

Leo began 4th grade today. Lucile started 2nd. Photos coming tomorrow.

Until my next update, I remain, your cocooning correspondent.

4 thoughts

  1. I bought a nice piece of Ling Cod at New Seasons and fixed Cod Meunière. Turned out DELICIOUS!

  2. So glad you’ve re-connected to the freshened & rejuvenated Magna Perigrinus! I think she’ll have another decade of providing you with traveling bliss.

    While you stayed at some great hotels, I couldn’t help but think of the advantages she offers. Yes, Diesel isn’t cheap, but those room rates weren’t cheap at all! Adding in the “can’t check in until X, and must leave by Y” (leaving you marooned between those times) certainly doesn’t add to the fun. I wasn’t even aware that hotels were cutting most services…while keeping rates the same!

    Thanks for all the wonderful pictures. We’ve added many of your favorites to our “when in the area” list. We’re wishing you and DT a relaxing, trouble free trip to whatever direction you point her in! Safe travels!

  3. So glad you made it safely and got settled in. Your sole dinner looks so good and even better than the restaurant! Hope you can enjoy your time there.

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