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Leo is 12

Los Angeles, California: DT and I left the rest of the haboob clean-up for another day and drove over to Los Angeles to celebrate Leo's Big Day. I love that he is still so excited for his birthday. After greeting us and giving me a big hug, he semi-whispered to me that it was his birthday. (Like we didn't know and had just randomly stopped by?)

Twelve years ago

Leo had asked for some sort of pedal for his guitar. Lenny sent us the link to the exact pedal Leo wanted, and it was ordered. But it arrived in such a tiny box, I secretly planned to "slip" that we had ordered new pedals for his bicycle. Oh, the look of dismay on the boy's face! Such a mean Bubbe! No matter, Leo was delighted with his new guitar pedal - and also with the dozen buttermilk rolls he asked me to bake.

No surprise the Birthday Boy wanted to go to sushi for his birthday dinner. We all hopped in a massive Uber and hit the road to Toluca Lake. Leo, posing:

After eating his weight (okay, that's not much is it?) in raw fish, the restaurant presented Leo with a selection of mochi and fresh fruit. We sang Happy Birthday and everyone in the small restaurant clapped. Fun!

When we returned to Lisa and Lenny's house after dinner, Leo decided we should all watch Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. It had been a while since we had seen the film, but Lisa enjoyed it when she was a kid. Still funny, especially if you are 12. There was a pause in the screening while Lisa served everyone a slice of birthday cake, which she had made with Lucile's help:


Then came the Grand Finale! Leo sang a three-minute song on his acoustic guitar, which he made-up as he went along. The main theme to the song was OH HEY YEAH IT'S MY BIRTHDAY JUST IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW! Leo even added a shout-out to the striking WGA and SAG members, and (because it was his birthday) give all the UPS drivers a day off. Pretty in-touch 12 year old.

Any reason to spend time with this kid! Love spoiling him. He is so smart and so funny. And, maybe - just like Bill & Ted - will save the world with his music?

Until my next update, I remain, your Happy Birthday correspondent.

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  1. A Big belated Happy Birthday to a special boy!
    I can see why he is a sweet favorite.
    Often these grand kids seem to grow up before us
    grandparents are ready. Enjoy all you can!

  2. This post reminded me of just how long I’ve been following your blog. I can’t believe he’s already 12. What a neat kid. Happy Birthday, Leo!

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