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Another Haboob

La Quinta, California: Mother Nature woke us from our sleep Sunday night. A haboob (dust storm) blew in from somewhere evil and deposited an inch of sand in the bottom of everyone's swimming pools and on every surface in the Coachella Valley. Trees were uprooted. It was a mess! It didn't stay long, and as soon as the winds calmed, Mother Nature thought it might be fun to turn a coating of dust into a slippery goo and gave us a thunder and lightning storm - accompanied with a downpour. It looked like caramel syrup pouring off the eaves of our house. Brown sludge. Disgusting.


The worst clean-up was in the courtyard where a puddle from the roof dried to an inch of sand. May has well been adobe brick. I let DT handle that cleanup job... which led to the windows needing to be washed.

Only a few trees were downed in our country club, but down the road a tree fell on a car and the driver is hospitalized.

Clean-up will be delayed a day or two... we have a birthday to celebrate!

Until my next update, I remain, your sandy correspondent.