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La Quinta, California: Remember, Dear Reader, when we were going to remodel the kitchen in this house and spiff-up the bathrooms? These projects keep being pushed aside. While we have completely changed the look of the outside of the house (new paint, pavers around the house, fresh landscaping, new courtyard, swimming pool glammed-up, new BBQ island), the kitchen and bath remodels keep being pushed-aside. Last week we actually installed air conditioning in our garage. Seriously. It's a thing down here. Wow, did our Oregonian friends have a good laugh at air conditioning a garage. The temperatures can climb to dangerous levels in a garage during our hot summers. I no longer have to worry about our WD40 exploding.

Now I don't want to remodel the kitchen/baths until I have a RV to live in during the upheaval... and our old/current RV has yet to sell... and we have yet to shop for a new RV. Meanwhile, I have decided on kitchen appliances. Its something.

It has been a quiet week. Tacos Gonzalez is closed for their annual vacation. Stuft Pizza is closed for remodeling. It's simply too hot to eat outside, so Shield's Date Garden is out - plus our favorite server, Jose, is also on vacay. Our golf course is closed all week due to some-sort of greens repair. Dave has decided this is the best week for no lunches out and no golf as he has the DVR crammed with the Tour de France, golf from the UK, Giants baseball, women's soccer and several fabulous track meets. He has even convinced me to prepare Buffalo chicken wings for lunch today... and it's not even football season.

I have been cooking:

Steak Frites

When you see this photo on my blog, you know it must be Bastille Day. Trader Joe has fairly decent filet mignon which do not require a bank loan. The sauce was made with shallots, garlic, cognac and cream. Definitely not healthy. Definitely delicious.

Chana Masala-type thing with potatoes

Half of an onion, Indian-inspired ground spices, a can of garbanzos, a can of diced tomatoes, one Yukon potato, and fresh spinach stirred-in at the last moment. Served over basmati rice. Cilantro garnish. Easy. Inexpensive. Filling. Vegan.

I also tried a TikTok recipe. At least I heard it was on TikTok, but because I am not on TikTok, saw it on Instagram. (I spend far too much time scrolling The Gram.) The recipe calls for a round of Boursin cheese, surrounded by cherry tomatoes, roasted until the tomatoes brown and burst. Then the whole mess is smashed together and tossed with boiled pasta.

Ready for the (toaster) oven

I think herbs and other stuff were supposed to be added to the mixture, but since the cheese already had herbs, added only a little salt and dried chilis.

After smashing the whole dang thing together, the dish did not look very appealing, but the scent was divine. Tomatoes and cheese. What's not to love? (PS: my parents received that slotted spoon as a wedding gift. 1953.)

Not too bad for an internet sensation. Easy, cheap, vegetarian.

Anyone cooking anything interesting? Anyone try the Boursin cheese thang? Comment below.

Until my next update, when maybe something will have happened, I remain, your boring correspondent.

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  1. I love Boursin. I put it into my pot when I make basmati rice depending on what I’m serving with it. I also use it when I make my husband my special grits recipe. Ps. I drooled at that heavenly filet mignon under that gorgeous sauce.

  2. Recently had relatives visit, and experienced an authentic Venezuelan dinner. After having arepas, I had to immediately purchase (Amazon) Pan to make them. They are so versatile and yummy.

  3. Last week caused me to seriously consider air conditioning our garage. Today, I keep putting off going to the Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s due to the humidity. And sadly the promised rain never appeared.

  4. Our garage in AZ is air conditioned as well as Jim’s work shop/ golf cart garage. We bought a mini split for the shop and it works well !
    No special food here, just enjoying the bounty of the NW!
    Fresh strawberries, Marion berries and peaches
    Oh, and at the beach enjoyed Razor clams at Tidal Raves, Cesar salad with grilled chinook salmon, steamer clams at Black Fish Grill and fresh crab 🦀 and smoked salmon from Barnacle Bill’s!
    So enjoying life in the cool NW! And who needs to cook💛💚

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