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Fun Few Days

La Quinta, California: One afternoon last week, DT suggested we go to the golf shop as I needed more golf balls. This was just a ruse as after I made my selection (Callaway Chrome Soft), I found grandpa in the youth section selecting a set of clubs for Lucile. He didn’t think it fair that Lucile had to use Leo’s clubs. They are too big for her and it is a pain for two people to share the mere six clubs in Leo’s junior set when playing a round. Whatever. Lucy now owns a set of five pretty pink clubs. They should serve her well until she moves up to Leo’s set… which won’t be long as Leo is nearly five feet tall already.

At the driving range
Our big hitter

We all played nine holes Monday, teeing off at 11a so no one would be around and we could take our time. Wish I had a video of Lucile’s first drive. She hit a monster, which ended up being her best drive of the day. Bubba kept it interesting with different games on every hole. He teamed us up differently on each hole and no one knows who won the nine, but we had fun. The best game was team members hitting every other shot. This was the quickest hole as well. So happy both grandchildren enjoy the game, and if we keep it fun instead of competitive, maybe they will keep playing? Golf is a good skill to have.

There was a lot of golfing and a lot of pool time, many good meals, including Sunday brunch at our club. And it isn’t only Bubba who thinks Lucy needed to move up. I decided it was time for Lucy to stop messing around with stoopid plastic needlepoint kits from the craft store. She is a natural, so I set her up with a canvas - simple, with no tricks - that will become a sunglass case for her mom. I kitted it out with a silk/wool blend from my stash. Every time Lucy had a spare moment, we found her in front of her canvas:

Still wet from the pool

As of Monday evening, Lucile had finished the top and right border and is cruising along on the white background. I’ve created a monster.

After tacos on the patio Sunday night, Leo decided he wanted to try catching a fish from the golf cart bridge behind our house.

Bubba & Leo fishing
Fish On!
Catch & Release bass
Time for a S'mores before bed

Until my next update, I remain, I swear to remember to make all videos landscape from now on, correspondent.

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