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The Long Way to San Diego

San Diego, California: After a few days in La Quinta, we packed-up the kids and the car, and headed out to San Diego. Again. This time not for Jimmy Buffett, but just for fun. After a one-hour-plus drive we were in Borrego Springs. This is the first time Lucy has been able to experience the fabulous metal statues in the middle of the desert. Dave gave her a quick drive-by vista of the most famed art installations, and Lucy posed happily for her Bubbe:

Lucile, in front of the scorpion
Miss Drama Queen being attacked by the scorpion
Lucy with the famed Borrego Serpent

Continuing our usual Borrego tour, after showing Lucy the best art installations, we went to lunch at La Casa del Zorro, scoring a great outdoor table in the shade. Always good food here, good service and icy-cold lobby to refresh desert rats.

Our next stop offered no photos, but it was - of course - to Julian for a piece of pie. The kids loved walking from our parking spot to the Julian Pie Company, laughing about how every business was named the Julian Hotel, the Julian Pie Company, the Julian Cider Store, Julian Cafe, the Julian this-and-that. Our L.A. Kids need to get out more.

The rest of the drive to San Diego was most uneventful. Happily, Leo had his guitar in the backseat and Lucy had her book... After checking into our hotel in Mission Bay, the kid were busy working on a very clever scavenger hunt game the hotel had for young guests. Dave and I were dragged along, but we learned every corner of the beach resort. When the kids finished the game, they each received a cool net back-pack situation with blow up beach toys and a coloring book. Both kids were most happy.

Leo, climbing an ancient tree in the resort
Lucy checks out the play structure

Not sure when we would arrive in San Diego, I made a late reservation at the hotel restaurant and they were able to move us to a 6p time-slot. We had very good meals. On the beach next to the restaurant is an ancient Chris-Craft boat "washed up" in the sand. The kids posed for Dave:

Our boaters
We had dinner around a fun fire pit!

Big fun planned for tomorrow. Until my next update, I remain, your beach bum correspondent.