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World’s Smallest Distance Carnival

Los Angeles, California: Dave and I drove over to El Lay this afternoon to attend a two-day track meet at USC. We checked-into our hotel and then went to see this Little Guy:

We can't help it - we just want to squeeze, kiss, hug, kiss, cuddle, kiss and dote on Leo. Today Leo impressed us with his clapping skills, his raspberry-blowing skills and his new obsession with trying to "kiss" us. (Or maybe he is just teething?)

I melt every time he looks at me. Leo still loves it when I rock him to sleep (in the Filipino way of standing + rocking + dancing that I used with his mother in Manila 30 years ago) and he still loves it when I sing Janis Joplin.

Oh, Leo, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz...

The kids are in a bit of chaos - in the middle of a move. Boxes are stacked everywhere. Lisa is very organized, so I know things will go smoothly next weekend when the movers come to haul everything to their new home. Trying to get through this next week - half-packed with a baby and all the baby-stuff - will be a challenge... but Grandpa and I will be back to help!

This evening, Dave and I drove across town (in horrid LA traffic!) to the University of Southern California and weaved our way to their seriously pathetic crappy little track stadium for a distance carnival*. Unfortunately the "carnival" portion of the event did not appear and we watched one women's 5000m and one men's 5000m race and the meet was over. $8 for parking for that?

But, dang, if it wasn't a gorgeous night in Los Angeles.

Oregon's Molly Graybill won the 5000m. Girlfriend clocked consistent 80-second laps to win.

Molly is only 130 seconds PER LAP faster than me!

Show off!

After the meet, we were quite chilly so headed out towards our hotel and a fabulous dinner at Trattoria Amici. This was our third visit to this lovely spot and I can't recommend it enough. Right in the middle of a shopping mall - so convenient!

We will be at USC all day tomorrow - so until my next update, I remain, your GO DUCKS correspondent.

*a distance carnival is a track meet featuring long-distance races - usually anything over one mile in length. It is common to have plenty of distance medley relays, and races up to 10,000 meters (approximately 6 miles) on the track.

SLOGGER REPORT:  I ran around the block - 4 miles - completing the 16 miles I wanted to run this week. My reward? Two days off!