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Working on a recipe

The deck dudes did not show up this morning to remove the shellac disaster on our gorgeous Port Orford cedar. They promise tomorrow.

The morning was spent catching-up on mail and work (I am a very, very small business owner, lest you forget).

In the afternoon I headed out to our fabulous New Seasons Market to replenish our larder. I am working on a recipe. Grilled eggplant is involved, though I can't say for sure where the recipe is going. I want to produce some sort of "stacked" lasagna-type, low-carb concoction, that would be a great vegetarian low-fat entree or a great side-dish for grilled meats. All I know right now: grilling the eggplant is the key to the dish.

Tonight I made a casserole. I grilled the eggplant slices and filled the casserole with a savory mixture of onion, garlic, roasted red pepper, basil and pine nuts. I used a jarred red sauce and fresh mozzarella and finished the pie with a killer parmesan from Italy.

It was very pretty and DT had seconds... so I know I am going somewhere with this.

Where... who knows?

Eggplant lasagna thing

We are watching the Mariners and enjoying a cool evening. Until my next update, I remain, your eggplant-grillin' correspondent.