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Deck Disaster… continued

As you may recall, we returned home from our Coastal Confessions Tour to find that our gorgeous, outrageously-expensive Port Orford Cedar deck had been sealed "improperly" by our much-loved painter dudes. They had used a new product and had not applied it correctly. Our deck looked as if it had been shellacked. It was awful.

The product would need to be removed, the wood would have to dry - again - and then be resealed. Today, the crew arrived and applied a deck cleaner. It penetrated for a while and then was pressure-washed away.

Pressure washing

Pressure washing

Except, it did not work - much of the original deck sealer remained

Like here...

... and here.

The crew went to lunch and returned very late in the afternoon to try again. Again, a deck cleaning product was applied. It sat, and was washed-off.

Letting the deck cleaner work for a while

It didn't work. I think a sander will be involved tomorrow.

We are most distressed that our gorgeous cedar has already been pressure-washed twice! Hopefully things will look better in the morning?

This afternoon, I went to the framer and picked-up the vintage WPA poster we had framed for our new family-room. The poster is simply leaning on the mantle... which is really "in" right now according to my friend who works at Pottery Barn... and if she doesn't know what is "in" right now, well... no one does. Our family room is finally complete!

Finally finished!

Until my next update, I remain, your pressure-washed correspondent.