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Work & Play

Indio, California:  For someone who is retired, My Driver sure puts in a lot of hours at his desk... which, in this instance, is our RV dining table. He is working hard so the US will send a strong track & field team to London, but I am starting to miss him.

Lois & Steve brought us a miniature rose plant yesterday as a hostess gift. This perfect rose isn't much larger than my thumb! It is my plan to not kill this rose bush, but I have terrible luck with flowering plants.

While DT was pecking-away on his laptop, I tried a new recipe. Remember the tomatillos, jalapenos and avocados we bought the other day at Cardenas? There was a purpose to the purchase - A Fire Roasted Guacamole Recipe so Good the NFL Might Sue Me. The dish involves a salsa verde, gently tossed with big chunks of avocado, to produce a very different style of guacamole. For an interesting twist, the tomatillo and jalapeno are charred! That was the fun part - skewering the peppers and tomatillos and roasting them over the open flame on my stove - like they were marshmallows. Fun, that is, until my bamboo skewers caught fire. NOTE TO SELF: use tongs next time.

I halved the recipe, and had the salsa verde finished in less than ten minutes. Next, I chunked-up a few avocados and tossed the avocado in the salsa verde.

We both really enjoyed this guacamole and I'd say this recipe is a keeper.

Our contractor came by and we went over the casita design, site plan and landscape plan. Unlike many of the lots our contractor has built-out in this resort, we are really going simple. No full kitchen. No dishwasher. No washer. No dryer. We have these things in our RV. Our outdoor "kitchen" will consist of a sink, an under-counter fridge for drinks and an oven. (Yes, I have an oven in the motorhome, but it is small, and I use an oven enough to warrant one outside in 100-degree Indio.) Of course, DT will have his portable BBQ grill (with a side-burner) outside to complete our outdoor "kitchen". Our little campsite is going to be perfect - for us. I will post renderings of the project on this website as soon as they are delivered to us.

Then I dragged My Driver away from his work and we walked to the pool! An hour in the pool/hot tub was just the break he needed. It was 84° in Indio today!

The guacamole was enjoyed as we watched the sun set and the booze-cruisers parade through the canal. I had planned an easy pasta dinner, but at the last moment we decided to go up to the clubhouse and eat dinner at the bar - from the bar menu. I had a salad and DT had sliders. Talking to our neighbors in the bar, we realized neither of us had left the resort all day.

After dinner, we returned back to the RV to watch the Ducks stomp all over the Washington Huskies in basketball, 82-57. Perfect!

Photo by Woody

Woody & Kathy's grandson is home from the hospital and doing well. Mary went to meet Will today and brought him the needlepointed pillow I made for his nursery door. I can tell Will is thrilled with my handiwork! Mary reports Will is "very, very cute" and that he slept through her entire visit. Hard to believe, but only six months ago, Leo was that small - two pounds smaller, in fact - and is now sitting up and trying to crawl. I wish babies came with a "pause" button.

Oh, and a "sleep" button would be nice.

Until my next update, I remain, your resort-bound correspondent.

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